Megan Mckenna And Josh Riley Splits Up

Josh Riley and Meghan Mckenna

Megan Elizabeth McKenna is a television personality and musician from the United Kingdom. She gained more popularity after her participation in Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother. Recently there has been a rumor going around about her relationship which has apparently come to an end. Megan McKenna has spoken out after announcing that she has ended her relationship with enigmatic businessman Josh Riley. Sources claimed that she is tremendously busy with her career right now. She is also working on new songs, traveling, and celebrating the publication of her new cookbook. Megan confirmed the split with Josh Riley to the newspaper, saying she wanted to deal with this discreetly, and we ended amicably.

Megan’s Instagram account was riddled with insane swimsuit shots, beautiful candlelight meals, and breathtaking sunsets in November 2021. All of it gave a vibe stating that she was pleased. There were even reports that they were engaged. Previously, Megan was photographed wearing a massive diamond sparkler on their journey to the Maldives. However, as a representative for Megan informed Ok! the engagement speculations were quickly debunked. Because Megan shot the video in selfie mode, the picture is flipped. Her right hand is the one with the four rings. The split comes as a surprise, given that the former Towie and Ex On The Beach actress. Josh Riley and Megahan Meckenna had spent almost the entire month of January on a lavish holiday to the Maldives with her lover. However, their relationship has not worked out. A source told Mail Online that Megan and Josh were spending a lot of time in separate places, and things haven’t worked out.

Megan Mckenna And Josh Riley Splits Up

Megan McKenna and Josh Riley have been dating for how long?

Megan and Josh seem to have begun dating in 2020. The pair are said to have met when Josh wined and dined Megan on a series of lavish dinner outings, with things swiftly becoming severe. Previously, it was noted that his family “welcomed her with open arms and that he “makes her very happy. Megan has been dating Josh for a few months. They’re infatuated, and it’s extremely endearing to see,” a source told The Sun. They are taking things slowly, but they have discussed the future. Megan seemed to be content and content now that Josh had made her feel joyful.

She has met his family, who adore her. She spent time in Leeds with Josh and his family for his sister’s birthday celebrations. Megan was supposedly trying to keep her romance under wraps. Still, she did drop a few clues on social media and even tweeted a photo of her newly manicured nails with the Yelir World logo painted on her little finger. Josh is equally determined to remain anonymous, to the point that he has never exposed his face on social media, preferring to use a mask instead.

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What is Josh Riley’s background?

Josh is a businessman from London and the director of the fashion label Yelir World. He has been dating Megan since 2020. However, Josh Riley’s age is unknown. Josh, 26, is the director of Yelir World, a premium apparel firm. Megan, who rose to popularity in 2015 on MTV’s Ex On The Beach and has since starred on a slew of other reality television programs, including Celebrity Big Brother and Towie, has been attempting to keep her relationship with Josh private. Megan McKenna and Josh Riley have yet to update followers on her dating status by sharing any affectionate photos of herself. He’s also trying to avoid the spotlight, which is why he’s been obscuring his face on social media.

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Why did Megan Mckenna And Josh Riley break up?

Megan McKenna of The Only Way Is Essex has allegedly ended her almost two-year relationship with Josh Riley. According to sources close to the 29-year-old reality television personality. The two opted to part ways owing to scheduling conflicts. The couple’s relationship is alleged to have developed cracks when they began spending more time apart while travelling to other locations. Megan McKenna of The Only Way Is Essex has allegedly ended her almost two-year relationship with Josh Riley. They have furthermore unfollowed one another on Instagram, and Megan has deleted the few images she had posted of herself and Josh.
Megan Mckenna And Josh Riley Splits Up

While Megan and seldom forthcoming with information regarding the relationship owing to Josh’s desire for secrecy. However, she did offer some light on their love story during a prior interview. Megan and Josh were a happy couple, Megan talked about how supportive Josh was of her passion for music and how much he appreciated her drive to succeed in the profession. Josh Riley is a tremendous supporter of my music. He really knows the market. Josh has his own clothing line, and he understands everything is what she told The Sun. However, it was a few days after they announced their separation on mutual grounds.