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What Does Ciusism Mean? Know About Meaning Behind TikTok Trend

Tiktok trend

When you think about it, social media is similar to a game of telephone, and while “ciusism” may be the buzzword on numerous sites, none of us truly understands what it means. If you put the term into your search box, Google may imply that you intended to write “criticism” or “cynicism,” but the fact is that you’re one of many people searching for a word that doesn’t exist. In this article, we will talk about the tiktok trend “Ciusism” mean.

With her viral invention, ciusism, a TikTok influencer, is generating debate. The word “ciusism” isn’t in the dictionary. It’s not an acronym, a portmanteau, an abbreviation, or a slang term. However, you may have seen it repeatedly in TikTok’s comment area.

Many comment areas have been inundated with people saying ‘ciusism,’ leaving many artists perplexed and overwhelmed by the remarks, with some even becoming slightly alarmed. The new trending word ‘ciusism’ has perplexed many TikTok users! On TikTok, the term has been circulating, but no one understands what it means or what it is!

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What does ciusism mean?

While you may have started your Google search expecting to learn the meaning of the term that has been circulating on everyone’s social media feed, we regret to inform you that the word “ciusism” has no precise definition, but there is a story behind how it came to be.

Many comment areas have been inundated with people saying ‘ciusism,’ leaving many artists perplexed and overwhelmed by the remarks, with some even becoming slightly alarmed.

This isn’t the first time a strange phrase or hashtag has become popular, with no one knowing what it means! The ‘xybcz’ trend was supposed to attract attention, but no one knows what this term means… yet.



The name “Ciusism” is completely meaningless. What started as a social experiment by TikTok user @gadonkoze, or Waceline Cius, swiftly spread like wildfire over the internet on Feb. 1 when Waceline invited viewers to remark “ciusism” — a word invented to be synonymous with self-care and self-acceptance — in the comment section of posts that show on their “For You” page with no explanation — in the comment section of posts that appear on their “For You” page with no

The main premise of religion is “minding one’s own business.” Based on @gadonkoze’s frequent use of the #notacult hash-tag, it’s clear that “ciusism” has a satirical and funny tone.

When word of TikTok’s demise began to circulate, social media erupted with concern. Many users wondered, what is ciusism? Despite the fact that the TikTok user hasn’t offered an official explanation for the term’s origins, it’s clear that it derives from her last name, which is also the name of her photography business, Cius Photography.

Will TikTok return to India soon?

In India, TikTok was banned in 2020, along with 250 other apps that presented a national security danger by transferring data from Indian users to servers in other nations. Since then, the Indian IT department has amended a few standards, and applications wishing to function on the subcontinent must now adhere to them. In related TikTok news, it was recently revealed that the firm is hiring grievance and nodal officials in India. Due to its Chinese origins and strained political relations between the two nations, getting TikTok back to India is proving tough for ByteDance.



Since TikTok’s prohibition in India, a slew of other social media platforms and corporations have attempted to fill the vacuum by including comparable features into their apps, the most well-known of which being Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, as well as other Indian sites like Josh and Chingari. These sites use a similar approach to TikTok, in which users may upload a short video on popular music tracks or dialogues, as well as follow other content providers.

Pubg Mobile, along with TikTok, was another famous mobile video game that was banned in India. However, the game was rebranded as Battlegrounds Mobile India and relaunched in the nation in June 2021 by the Korean developer Krafton. The renamed version of Pubg India received a lot of flak when it first came out, but the IT ministry did not prohibit it. “The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has no part in providing any approval for the entry of PUBG or any company/Mobile app in India,” the IT ministry declared in answer to an RTI.

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