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The Underrated ‘Omni-Man’- Everything You Need To Know


Here, we will talk about the Underrated Omni-Man and all you need to know about him in this article. If there is anything more thrilling than Invincible himself after watching “Invincible“, it is “Omni-Man”.But wasn’t he once one of the underrated superheroes? We call him the world’s greatest superhero, but how much do we know about him? By the way, Invincible isn’t just another “superhero” show; it’s a little darker, with a feeling of reality in terms of ordinary bystanders and environmental implications for individuals in the area. Let’s take a closer look at it in this informative piece.

Invincible is Terrifically Spectacular, and it is without a doubt one of the best-animated comic book shows of recent years. It chronicles the exploits of Mark Grayson, a normal adolescent whose father is Omni-Man, the world’s most powerful superhero. In only a few episodes, Omni-Man shows some of the MCU’s most impressive feats of strength when pitted against some of the MCU’s biggest names. Given the show’s limitless budget, it will be intriguing to watch how far they push the character over the series.

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Who Is Omni-Man?

Omni-Man, commonly known as Nolan Grayson, is the secondary main character of the Invincible comic book series. However, he is the major antagonist of its 2021 anime adaptation’s first season. Omni-Man is a Viltrumite, an alien superhuman species with supernatural powers, speed, virtual immortality, and the ability to fly. He is the father of Invincible and Omni-Boy. Omni-Man has a big mustache, as is usual for male Viltrumites. Invincible #3, published in 2003, was his debut appearance in the comics. His initial version looks a lot like the animated series, but we don’t learn about his actual objectives until much later in the comics.




The character’s initial name was “Supra Man”. However, Image Comics forced the creators to alter it because it was too similar to the DC superhero Superman. Invincible, the new animation depicts a considerably more aggressive bunch than we’re used to seeing. No hero, however, is as unexpected as Omni-Man, Earth’s most capable protector. When Mark obtained his talents and became a superhero known as “Invincible,” Nolan offered to assist his son in fighting the Flaxans, but he was kidnapped by the monsters. Omni-Man summons the whole Guardians of the Globe and slaughters them in cold blood as his son unlocks his abilities, losing consciousness in the process.

Omni-Man In The Comic Books

Fans of the Amazon animated series who are reading the comics for the first time may notice significant alterations in the plot from Robert Kirkman’s long-running Invincible comic book series. Even though Nolan Grayson isn’t the primary character in the animated series Invincible, he is perhaps the most significant, as comic fans know. It’s subsequently revealed in the comics that Nolan Grayson isn’t just another Viltrumite warrior. He is the Heir of Argall. As the son of the Viltrumite Empire’s renowned commander, he is the next in line to the throne.

Powers And Strengths

Omni-Man, despite being a Superman knockoff, Nolan’s abilities continue to diverge from the icon as the series unfolds. For starters, Nolan’s abilities have no known source. Superhuman strength, speed, invulnerability, and flight all appear to be innate skills. He does not require the strength of a yellow sun and is immune to all forms of radiation. He’s one of a slew of Viltrumite agents dispatched to conquer a world. Except for his kids, Mark and Oliver, no other superhuman person on Earth has ever come close to Nolan’s degree of ability.

Early in the comics, he demonstrated his ability to defeat massive creatures. Furthermore, as he revealed his actual identity, everything in the comics began to spiral out of control. When facing other Viltrumites like Thragg, Anissa, and the others, Nolan’s ability to heal from injuries comes in useful. His ability to fly allows him to traverse through space in a couple of seconds. To stay active in outer space, he can hold his breath for up to two weeks.

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