Last Chance Transplant Release Date: When Is It Coming?

Last chance Transplant
Last chance Transplant

The series “Last Chance Transplant” was revealed by ABC’s “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts on Aug. 16. Roberts is a double stem-cell transplant recipient who is enthusiastic about the issue, and her production business, Rock’n Robin Productions, is a co-producer with 44 Blue Productions on the series. Last Chance Transplant, a medical television documentary program executive produced by Robin Roberts, who was also involved in Good Morning America, will premiere in September on Discovery+, a non-fiction streaming channel.

The documentary will air on Discovery+, the streaming platform of Discovery Inc., which also owns Animal Planet, HGTV, and the Discovery Channel. It will consist of three one-hour episodes and will launch on Sept. 22. Two patients are featured in each episode of Last Chance Transplant.

The series follows six patients, two in each close-ended episode, who are waiting for a life-saving donor, giving viewers an up-close look at the race against the clock to transplant and preserve human life. Last Chance Transplant will be released on September 22nd.

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What is the Last Chance Transplant and when it will release?

Every day, for patients all across the United States, the wait for a life-saving organ transplant is a matter of life and death. On September 22nd, Executive Producer Robin Roberts’ Last Chance Transplant will air on discovery+, the ultimate non-fiction, real-life subscription streaming service. This one-of-a-kind, dramatic, and gripping series will take viewers behind the scenes of the race against time to save human lives through transplantation.

Last chance Transplant Release Date
Last Chance Transplant

Last Chance Transplant follows six individuals, two in each close-ended episode, as well as the physicians, nurses, and organ procuring teams at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville while they wait for life-saving organ transplants.

44 Blue Productions, LLC, A Red Arrow Studios Company, and Rock’s Robin Studios are producing the series for Discovery+. It will premiere on September 22nd.

Six intensely personal and dramatic experiences regarding organ donation are told in Last Chance Transplant.  Howard Lee stated a statement, president of TLC streaming and network originals,  When we first heard about this initiative, we knew we had to share these journeys endured by so many people, families, and communities and help promote an inspirational message of hope.

Extremely ill patients from many walks of life seek life-saving organ transplants at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) in Nashville, Tennessee. Last Chance Transplant follows six patients, two every episode, who are all waiting for a life-saving donor, which many people will never get. These patients have placed their lives in the hands of VUMC’s Transplant Center’s respected medical team and surgeons, and vital choices can come down to the hour and minute in this fast-paced medical arena. Every year, these surgeons conduct hundreds of transplants. Every second matters, whether it comes to a new heart, liver, kidney, or lungs. Even though these physicians and organ procurement teams are always pushing the frontiers of medical knowledge to save their patients’ lives, they are aware that each scenario is unique. It’s always a life or death situation.

Who are the Patients in the series?

Last chance Transplant
Last chance Transplant

Krystal Powers, a patient with end-stage heart failure, is admitted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for tests to determine if she is a candidate for a heart transplant. Krystal had a massive heart attack while waiting for her test results, and she was put on an ECMO to keep her alive.

Carlos Calloway was an active and healthy young father until he became unwell and was diagnosed with stage 4 renal disease. Carlos’ sole hope for long-term survival is a kidney transplant, but he and his partner Juanita are surprised to learn how many people die while waiting for their transplant, considering how difficult it is to locate a suitable living donor.

Reverend Kenyatta Braxton is a successful preacher, devoted husband, and father of two who has been diagnosed with end-stage heart disease and severe lung illness caused by Covid-19, necessitating a new heart and a double lung transplant which has never been done in a pandemic context.

Jeff Fuqua has end-stage liver disease and a history of alcohol and drug addiction, all of which contributed to his diagnosis. Jeff is now clean, thanks to the aid of his ex-wife Lois, and he wants a second chance at life so that he can be there for his granddaughter.

Rob Morris has rheumatoid arthritis, which has wreaked havoc on his lungs, causing him to rely on supplementary oxygen to stay alive. Lori sends Rob to Vanderbilt before he succumbs to the condition after years of seeing him struggle to breathe.

Joe Eitl was born with Down syndrome and congenital heart problems, and doctors predicted he wouldn’t live through his first birthday. Joe continues to beat the odds, enjoying a lively life and succeeding in the Special Olympics despite having undergone 17 heart operations.

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