Who is Larry Nassar And What Did He Do? All About The Sex Abuse Case

Larry Nassar
Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar listens during the sentencing

Lawrence Gerard Nassar, a convicted sex offender in the United States, was born on August 16, 1963. For 18 years, he was a member of the US women’s national gymnastics team, providing him access to hundreds of young women, many of whom he sexually abused. He’s also a lecturer at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine and a former osteopathic physician.

Larry Nassar was a fantastic doctor, according to everyone. It was said to the little girls who were entrusted to him that it was an honor. If this doctor – who treated Olympians! – treated their children, their parents were informed it was a sign their girls were destined for greatness. He worked for decades for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University, and former patients claim that when complaints were made against him, they were disregarded. After all, Larry Nassar was a fantastic doctor, and no one stated it better than Nassar himself, who exploited his celebrity to groom hundreds, if not thousands, of victims.

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Gymnastic Sex Abuse Case

Athlete A, a new Netflix documentary, chronicles the tale of Larry Nassar, the Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics doctor convicted of sexually assaulting women and kids for more than two decades, and the Indianapolis Star journalists who investigated the case.

However, while the video provides an in-depth analysis of the culture of sexual and non-sexual abuse that appears to have dominated the world of elite gymnastics, a complete treatment of the Nassar narrative would take considerably longer than the film’s under-two-hour run time. In a case that spanned years, institutions, and countries, he worked for two large organizations and was finally accused of assault by more than 500 women.

Larry Nassar
Larry Nassar

The Larry Nassar incident is the most high-profile case of sexual assault in sports history. Nassar’s victims outweigh the alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby combined. Nassar’s victims include some of today’s most renowned female athletes, including Simone Biles and McKayla Maroney. He mistreated girls during the 2012 Olympics in London, at the Károlyi Ranch, USA Gymnastics’ training center in Texas, and at gymnastics events in Rotterdam.

Nassar’s sexual assault of young women and children, as well as the cover-up that followed, prompted the sex abuse crisis at USA Gymnastics, which began in 2015. Under the guise of medical care, Nassar is accused of sexually abusing at least 265 young women and girls. Among his victims were Olympic and US women’s national gymnastics team athletes.

Nassar pleaded guilty to child pornography and tampering with evidence on July 11, 2017, and was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison on December 7, 2017. Nassar was sentenced to an extra 40 to 175 years in Michigan State prison on January 24, 2018, after pleading guilty to seven charges of sexual abuse of kids in Ingham County.

U.S. Gymnasts Testify against Larry Nassar

On Wednesday, September 16th, 2021, four medal-winning American gymnasts went out about being sexually molested by Larry Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics doctor.

According to NBC News, several people expressed their anger at a Senate hearing on the FBI’s mishandling of the investigation into Nassar’s actions by recounting unpleasant and gruesome facts.

Larry Nassar

Simone Biles stated that institutions such as USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee were formed to safeguard athletes. She also claimed that the Olympic and Paralympic Committees “failed to perform their duty” and that the FBI “turned a blind eye.”

A Justice Department inspector general report from July highlighted the FBI’s mismanagement of the Nassar investigation, prompting the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Gymnasts had reported a sexual assault to the FBI in 2015, according to the report, yet he continued to treat gymnasts at Michigan State University, a high school, and a gymnastics club until September 2016.

According to NBC News, Nassar pled guilty in 2017 to sexually assault 10 of the more than 265 women and kids who had come forward to allege they had been assaulted. He is currently incarcerated and faces a sentence of up to 175 years in jail.

McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, and Maggie Nichols were among the gymnasts who spoke during the hearing on Wednesday. According to NBC News, they demanded that the institutions and people who should have safeguarded them be held responsible.

The gymnasts were asked what kind of accountability they wanted to see. According to Raisman, an independent inquiry of the FBI’s ties to USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee should be conducted.

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