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Where Is The Office Space 1999 Filmed? Locations and Plot Details

Office Space
Office Space - 1999

Mike Judge’s Office Space is a black comedy film that he wrote and filmed in 1999. It mocks the working climate of a typical software firm in the mid-to-late 1990s, focusing on a small group of disgruntled employees. The cast includes Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, Gary Cole, Stephen Root, David Herman, Ajay Naidu, and Diedrich Bader. Several scenes from the film have become Internet memes. The scene in which the three main characters destroy a defective printer has received a lot of attention. After the Milton character in the film used a red stapler, Swingline decided to add one to their product line.

The plot of the film is almost unimportant. People adore “Office Space” because it portrays the regular office worker sympathetically and realistically. At one point in the film, Gibbons grumbles, “Human beings were not supposed to sit in small cubicles staring at computer screens all day.”

Where was Office space filmed?

The movie Office Space was shot in the Texas cities of Dallas and Austin. It was Judge’s first venture into live-action filmmaking and his second full-length motion picture release, following Beavis and Butthead Do America. Extract, a 2009 film set in an office and intended to be a companion piece to Office Space, is likewise set in an office. Within the world of information technology, the film’s compassionate portrayal of everyday workers earned it a cult following. The book also touches on topics that are common to white-collar workers and the workforce in general.

Office Space

Office Space 1999

It was a box office flop, grossing $12.2 million against a production budget of $10 million. However, it did well on home video following repeated airings on Comedy Central and has since become a cult classic.

Plot synopsis

Peter Gibbons is a computer programmer who despises his job at Initech even more than he despises his obnoxious employer, Bill Lumbergh. Michael Bolton and Samir Nagheenanajar, his employees and friends, also despise their jobs, but they will be laid off soon as part of the company’s restructuring. To exact vengeance on Initech, the trio infects the company’s banking system with a virus that progressively siphons money into Peter’s bank account. However, when a flaw in the virus code enables a significant sum of money to be transferred to their account almost immediately, the trio must figure out how to repair the problem without going to jail.

Office Space

Office Space 1999

Why Mike Judge Never Made An Office Space 2?

There’s a good reason why Fox didn’t jump at the chance to make Office Space 2 right after the first film’s debut. Despite excellent reviews, Office Space bombed at the box office, grossing only $12.2 million on a $10 million budget, certainly not enough to break even after marketing expenses. After several years on home video and cable, Office Space finally found its audience and began to grow to the size it is now. Mike Judge was offered the chance to make a sequel at that point, but he declined.

Office Space

Naturally, the possibility of an Office Space sequel has resurfaced throughout the years, but Judge has stated that he would only produce one if he felt a solid enough idea was on the table to make the risk worthwhile. Since nothing is in the works, it’s safe to conclude that a good concept is still on the horizon. Another factor is that Judge didn’t have a good working relationship with Fox on Office Space, to begin with. Throughout production, Judge had numerous clashes with the company over creative issues. While Fox is now part of the Disney family, it’s easy to see why Judge has been hesitant to engage in a sequel with them.

Finally, Judge probably believes that filming an Office Space 2 would be superfluous, given that he already directed a spiritual successor, Extract, starring Jason Bateman in 2009. Extract dealt with similar issues of office melancholy and job unhappiness, but this time inverted the script by making the protagonist a boss rather than an employee. In the end, however, the lack of an Office Space sequel may be for the best. The story of Peter and his friends came to a satisfying conclusion, and it’s probably best to leave it there.

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