Perez Hilton Girlfriend: Who Is The Blogger Dating In 2021?

Perez Hilton Dating
Perez Hilton

We will talk about Perez Hilton, one of the most well-known bloggers, and his dating life in this article. It is amusing to write about a blogger who deals with celebrity rumors, but he is, after all, a celebrity. Celebrity reputations are being harmed as a result of his business. So you have undoubtedly heard of him, however, today’s blog is about his personal life. We have covered all of the hottest news and rumors about him, and the most often asked question is regarding his dating life. In 2021, who is Perez Hilton dating? Yes, we will provide you a direct response to this question. So, let’s go a bit more into his personal life to see if there’s anything delicious to report.

Mario Lavandeira Jr. aka Perez Hilton, was the most talked-about celebrity blogger in the world for a few shining years. Hilton has had to apologize for almost every time one of his old writings resurfaces, reminding the world that he was once the king of blog-era nastiness. As an opulent blogger, Perez has been involved in several controversies throughout his life, making it difficult for him to find a suitable companion. He has openly said that he is homosexual and that he supports LGBTQ rights.

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Who Is Perez Hilton Dating In 2021?

Perez Hilton is presently single and has not been dating anyone as of 2021. As previously said, his professional status has had a significant impact on his dating life, and he has never been in a steady relationship. Perez Hilton is not married however has three children. Mario, the first, was born in February of 2013. Mia, his first daughter, was born in May 2015, and Mayte Amor, his second daughter, was born in October 2017. Hilton has never been married and has never been involved in a significant open relationship. He had to locate surrogate moms to assist him in delivering the infants because they were all delivered via surrogacy. He is a stay-at-home single parent if he is not at work.

Professional Career Of Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton Dating
Perez Hilton

Perez began his career as an aspiring actor but quickly transitioned to freelance writing. From working as a freelancer to gaining millions of daily visits on his blog, he is now regarded as a blogging genius. Hilton has dabbled in music and acting as a blogger, TV personality, and columnist in the United States. Hilton had his VH1 reality show, What Perez Sez, and appeared on MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar. Perez Hilton’s True Bloggywood Stories: The Glamorous Life of Beating, Cheating, and Overdosing and Red Carpet Suicide: A Survival Guide on Keeping Up With the Hiltons are two of his major publications. He has two vlogs, Perez Hilton and Perez Hilton and Friends, and he also conducts a podcast with Chris Booker.

Controversies And Scandals

Michael Jackson’s Death

Hilton said after the first news of Jackson’s poor health that he didn’t believe he had gone into cardiac arrest. has now deleted an article in which the celebrity blogger claimed that Jackson was staging a ploy to avoid performing in his upcoming London performances. Following this big uproar, Perez received flak for his disparaging statements about the Legend’s death. He also expressed regret for his blunder and expressed real regret for his disrespectful remarks.

Britney Spears Apology

Perez Hilton made light of the singer’s drug troubles during her glory, labeling her an unsuitable mother and circulating a rumor about a sex video. This debate has recently been reignited with the release of the Britney Spears documentary. Perez has already apologized for his actions, as well as in recent interviews. He apologized, but he hasn’t taken down earlier blog articles that were critical of her.

Perez Hilton Dating
Perez Hilton with his Children

Perez Hilton has been the subject of several scandals, all of which have questioned his dating standards. He is currently content with his children, and no information about his partner is available at this time. Perez is a household name in the media world, which comes with a slew of obligations. He hasn’t had a particularly interesting love life, but he has the finest bond with his children.

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