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How Many Times has the Mona Lisa Been Stolen?

How Many Times has the Mona Lisa Been Stolen?
How Many Times has the Mona Lisa Been Stolen?

Ever Wondered How Many Times has the Mona Lisa Been Stolen? Let me guess, and you didn’t know if it was ever stolen? Well, there are many interesting facts about the Mona Lisa that not everyone knows about. One of these facts includes it has indeed been stolen. If you want to know how many times, then you need to read the entire article. I am sure your mind is filled with questions now. You might be wondering how such a famous painting can ever be stolen.

Now, you imagine how the heist took place? What there a professor behind this heist, too like the one from “Money Heist”? Did they also have a group of people named after countries? Does stuff like that happen in Real Life? Well, you can find out if it was an exciting planned Roberry or a simple attempt by reading the whole article. But first, before getting into details about how many times Mona Lisa has been Stolen, we need to look at the painting’s history and its painter, Leonardo Da Vinci himself.

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History of Mona Lisa

The model of the famous portrait is Lisa Del Giocondo. Davinci started his work on the painting in October 1503 in Florence. But many have argued that the time period in which he made the painting is different. Some say that it was painted between 1503-1506. Others believe that he only started the painting after 1513 and continued working on it until 1516 or 1517. Some also believe that the painting is actually an unfinished work.

When it comes to controversies, Da Vinci’s paintings are not new to them. But out of all his majors works, the Mona Lisa remains the one that hasn’t been that seriously questioned. During the time that the painting was made, the Virgin Mary was seen as an ideal for womanhood. This may be the reason that the painting resembles many earlier depictions of the Virgin Mary. Now here’s a little fact about the Mona Lisa. If you stand anywhere in the room where it is kept and stare at it, it will feel like Lisa is looking at you. Her gaze is fixed on the observer of the painting. It’s almost as if she is alive and following you with her eyes. This method of drawing is called sfumato, in which you do not draw outlines.

The title of the painting was described by art historian Giorgio Vasari. He has mentioned that Da Vinci painted Lisa for her husband Francesco del Giocondo, who was many years her senior. The Mona Lisa was first kept at the Palace of Fontainebleau. Later it was moved to the Palace of Versailles, and it remained there until the French Revolution. It then spent a brief amount of time in the bedroom on Napoean, and later it was moved to Lovre.

About Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinco was born on 15th April 1452. He was an Italian polymath. He was a painter, engineer, sculptor, draughtsman, and theorist. We all know him as a famous painter but what many are ignorant about is that he has made notebooks on various subjects such as astronomy, cartography, anatomy, and botany.

How Many Times has the Mona Lisa Been Stolen?

Leonardo da Vinci

The Mona Lisa happens to be Da Vinci’s most famous work. It is often regarded as the world’s most famous painting. Among his other famous paintings are The Last Supper and the Vitruvian Man. The last supper is one of the most duplicated religious paintings of all time.

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How Many Times has the Mona Lisa Been Stolen?

The widely popular painting by Leonardo Davinci was stolen once. However, the Mona Lisa has been vandalized several times. Well, I am pretty sure you won’t know about how the Mona Lisa was stolen and all about the robbery. Read on to found out more about the Mona Lisa Heist.

How Many Times has Mona Lisa been stolen

The Mona Lisa

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The Mona Lisa Heist

This one’s not as fancy as the Money Heist, but it sure is mysterious and intriguing just like it. It was the year 1911, and the world was not as modernized as it is today. Many people were unaware of the painting. That is when on 21st August, The Mona Lisa was reported missing from the Louvre. Following the robbery, the museum was closed for a week as part of the investigation. Guilloche Apollinaire, the French poet, was one of the main suspects. He was arrested and imprisoned. Now you may have heard the name of his friend who was also bought in for questing. It was none other than Pablo Picasso. But they were not the ones who were behind this genius heist.

The mastermind behind the robbery was Vincenzo Peruggia. He was a Louvre employee who was involved in constructing the glass of the painting. How he did the deed was by entering the museum during regular hours and then hiding in the broom closet. He then walked out of the museum after it was closed with the painting under his coat. Just as simple as that. Thanks to this robbery, the popularity of the painting rose. The photograph of the painting was everywhere on newspapers and televisions. Peruggia was caught two years later, in 1913, after trying to sell the painting to the director of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Peruggia believed that the painting belonged in Italy from where it originated.

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