Adopt Me Halloween Update 2021

Adopt Me: Gameplay & Halloween Update 2021

Adopt Me Halloween Update 2021 is the topic we will be taking up today. Adopt Me! is a massively multiplayer online game. Uplift Games are the developers of the game, and it is published on the gaming and game development platform Roblox. At first, the game focused on role play. Players had the option to act as a parent adopting a child or a child getting adopted.  But after further developments, the game began focusing on adopting and taking care of various virtual pets. These pets can also be traded with other players.

As of 2021, the game has been played a total of 20 billion times. Imagine that! The developers of the game employ only about 40 people and have a total revenue of 50 million dollars per year. That is quite a lot of money. It is one of the most played games on Robox, with an average of 500,000 regular players. Read on to find out about the Adopt Me Halloween Update 2021.

Adopt Me Halloween Update 2021
Adopt Me Halloween Update 2021

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Adopt Me Halloween Update 2021

The Adopt Me Halloween Update went live on 28th October at 4 pm BST ( British Summer Time). The update will let players explore the spooky haunted house. It will also include new mini-games and candy currency. There are two different mini-games that will be available on the platform. In one of the games, you will have to collect mushrooms and then turn these mushrooms into magic potions. The next game sees you racing across the Adoption Island against. And who might be your opponent? It is none other than the headless horseman himself! Playing these games lets you collect candies. With these candies, you will be able to buy the new cat boxes that are available for a limited time. You will have to spend 600 candies to buy a single cat box.

Adopt Me Halloween Update 2021
Adopt Me Halloween Update 2021

The Halloween pets list for the game includes Ghost Dragon, Evil Dog, Shadow Dragon, Evil Unicorn, Mummy Cat, Skeleton Dog, and one other surprise pet. These pets can be bought by Robux, for example, to buy the Ghost Dragon, you will have to spend 1250 Robux. Now let’s come to the haunted house that you will be able to explore. The developers have been teasing us with the haunted house since fall, but we were not able to explore it until now. What spooky stuff does the household? You will have to play the game and find out for yourself.

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Adopt Me! Gameplay

The game is mainly based on adopting pets and taking care of them. There are a wide variety of pets to choose from, and these pets hatch from eggs. A certain set of pets can only be purchased using Robux. For those who don’t know what Robux is, it is the virtual currency of Roblox. There are a total of 5 classes of pets. The classification is on the basis of cost and rarity. These classes are legendary, ultra-rare, rare, uncommon, and common. When a pet hatches, it will be a newborn. Then the pet grows into juniors, further goes into pre-teens, and then comes post teens. Finally, they become fully grown.

In the game, if you own four number of fully grown pets, all four at the same time, then you can combine the four pets to form a Neon Pet. Similarly, four fully grown neon pets can be combined to form a Mega Neon Pet. You can make a purchase in Adopt Me using both Bucks and Robux. These can be earned by looking after their pets regularly. The game was originally made so that you can act as a parent adopting a child or a child looking to be adopted. This was the sole purpose of the game until the year 2018. Even now, this process is possible in the game, and the players are able to roleplay with other users.

And now we have reached the end of the article. Hope this article was able to answer all your queries on Adopt Me Halloween Update 2021.

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