Again My Life Episode 15 Releasing Soon!

Again my life episode 15
Cr Again my life

Again My Life Episode 15 is releasing soon with a new mystery and lots of drama. The popular ongoing series is Eogein may Laipeu in the Korean language. After achieving massive success and becoming one of the top ongoing K-drama. The director is all set to release the new episodes this week with more interesting facts. The viewers also praise the drama starring Lee Joon Gi. The series is of the law, mystery, drama, and fantasy genres. This popular series is based on the novel of the same name, Again My Life by Lee Hae-Nal. Moreover, the story of this drama is fictional as the main lead Lee Joong Gi who becomes a prosecutor travels in time for 15 years. He already faces death, and when given a second chance, he goes back to his past. 

The viewers must watch this series as the story and the acting is exciting. In the upcoming episodes, we will see if Hee woo was able to find anything against Tae Seob in an investigation. Further, the viewers will be able to see more twists in the story as it will soon end. So Stay tuned to watch out for the next episode.

Again My Life Episodes Recap

Again my life. episode 15
Cr Again my life

The famous mystery K-drama Again My Life episode 15 will soon release this week only. The viewers are excited for the next episodes as this will reveal what happens to Hee Woo in the end. The starting was so tragic for them to watch as he returned to his past after dying. Now how is this even possible in the real world? Anyway, this is the reel life where anything can happen.

Meanwhile, the previous episodes were all about an investigation done by Hee Woo in Bando Bank. He tells Kyu Ri to back off from investigating Kim Seok Hoon’s son, Kim Young, so that he can take care of himself. Meanwhile, Cho Tae Sub names Kim Seok Hoon the next Prosecutor General. Later, in the upcoming episode 15 of Again My Life drama, Seok Kyu will order Hee Woo to hand over Kimsek Hoon’s case. Now let’s watch out for what happens. Will he give up on the subject?

Where to Watch Episode 15?

The ongoing drama will release a new episode 15 this week on its original network, SBS and Viu Tv. the viewers can also watch it on Rakuten Viki and other online sites with subtitles. These subtitles are also available in English, French, German, Indonesian, and more languages for international viewers. The users of Viki will have to take a subscription or Viki pass to watch the latest episodes of the drama. The episode’s duration will be the same 1 hour and 5 minutes. Will Hee Woo get justice in the end? No one can tell this before seeing the next episodes, so stay tuned to watch the last episodes of this mystery drama.

What Is The Release Date of Episode 15 Of Again My Life?

Again my life episode 15
Cr Again my life.

The next episode 15 of Again My Life, a mystery drama, will be released on Friday, the 27th of May. The timings of the episode to get air on Television are at 10:00 pm as per KST. Meanwhile, international viewers worldwide can watch its streaming at 6:30 pm IST, 11:00 pm AEST, etc. The viewers can expect season 2 of this series, as per the rumors, as the drama started with low ratings but has made a high jump to one of the top K-drama this month. 

So this is all about the release date and timings of episode 15 of Again My Life. Stay Tuned to watch all the latest updates on K-dramas only on theartistree.

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