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Are Ciara And Austen Dating? ‘Winter House’ Cast Dating Rumors

Are Ciara And Austen Dating? 'Winter House' Cast Dating Rumors
Austen and Ciara (Source:

Remember Ciara and Austen from ‘Winter House’? The drama embarked a bunch of friends from ‘Summer House’ as well as ‘Southern Charm’ who spend a fortnight at a magnificent villa in Stowe, Vermont. Every detail of their life is meticulously chronicled and shown on TV. While hot intrigues and explosive drama add spice to the proceedings. It’s fascinating to watch their dynamic interactions and see how every person handles everyday challenges in their own distinctive manner. So, this article will efface the questions such as Are Ciara And Austen Dating? Stay tuned till the end to know further.

Winter House has only been on the air for one season, but we’ve already seen plenty of romance blossom among the members of the cast. Viewers were pulling for Austen & his newfound lady friend, Ciara, from Southern Charm. Whereas the pair appeared to be in a good place, their love met a snag when Austen’s good friend, Lindsay Hubbard, joined the residence.

Are Ciara And Austen Dating? 'Winter House' Cast Dating Rumors

Austen and Ciara dating rumors (Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

Austen Kroll, as well as Ciara Miller’s relationship, blossomed in Season 1 of ‘Winter House.‘ The pair seemed at ease with one other, and events alluded to a prospective romance on the horizon. Even though Winter House is just in its first season, tensions amongst the cast members are indeed high. It didn’t take too long for love ties to grow on the Bravo show; although the show has hardly begun, fans are already speculating if Austen Kroll & Ciara Miller will exit the season together. Nevertheless, viewers are curious to discover if the couple got together or are together now. Let’s discover out together, shall we?

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Are Ciara And Austen Dating?

Fans will be sorry to learn that Austen & Ciara have chosen to part ways and are no longer together. Ciara initially revealed that she and Austen were not together in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight around April 2021. Nevertheless, in a November interview with the same outlet, Ciara made false statements in April as well as claimed she tried to conceal the relationship because she had a genuine love for Austen & did not even want individuals to listen; they were laying this on for Television.

Furthermore, when the production for ‘Winter House‘ wrapped, Ciara drove to Austen’s homeland of Charleston, South Carolina, to spend a few days with her. When asked about pining for Austen during the shooting ‘Winter House,’ Ciara stated that she did not want to feel affection for Austen, however, the shooting accelerated the connection and helped form a deep link of confidence amongst them. Nevertheless, once the shooting was through, Ciara was confronted with actuality.

Are Ciara And Austen Dating? 'Winter House' Cast Dating Rumors

Winter house journey

She sorts of realized that she wanted to take a pause from that for a moment and remember they are not shooting, she said in November 2021. The duo is no longer living all together, and the balance will undoubtedly change. This notion was reinforced over her lengthy vacation in Charleston, and then it became evident since neither Ciara nor Austen was willing to devote.

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Winter House Journey

Austen Kroll and Ciara Miller met during the first season of ‘Winter House.’ During their early meetings, they appeared to be quite smitten with one another, so it didn’t take long for them to insinuate a potential love relationship. Inside an E! Newscast, Austen said of their friendship, “Ciara as well as he were sorta instantaneously very rapidly hit this one-off.” He was indeed drawn to her, obviously, and he thinks that they were really hit on her good sense of humor. It’s crucial that he can make her giggle on demand.”

Love Triangle: Austen, Lindsay, And Ciara

The bond between Austen and Ciara got deeper over time, and there were rumors that they might eventually wind up together. They looked to be at ease in one other’s presence & seemed to be interested in developing a special bond. In addition, the couple had a bonding time in the jacuzzi and even exchanged a sweet kiss. Unfortunately, things turned for the worst when Lindsay Hubbard arrived on the scene. Lindsay as well as Austen, had been close buddies long before they appeared on ‘Winter House.’

Lindsay was dissatisfied with Austen as well as Ciara’s relationship and also was surprised to learn that they kissed. Nevertheless, the real shock came while Lindsay revealed her emotions for Austen & informed him she adored him. Austen was caught away by the revelation and stated that it was not anything he expected. Sadly, it also had an impact on his burgeoning romance with Ciara, deliberately sabotaging it.

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