Kobe Bryant Net Worth: Before His Death

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Fans have been wondering what Kobe Bryant’s net worth before his death is. Our own Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant (1978-2020), represented L. A Lakers in a career spanning almost 20 years, won numerous accolades and individual awards. Five-time N.B.A. champ and the 2nd highest personal score in an N.B.A. game, Kobe has managed to earn, in many fans’ eyes, the title of the G.O.A.T. For 20 years, he represented the famous ‘yellow and purple’ and is arguably the most outstanding player for L.A., even with Magic Johnson, Shaq, and Abdul Kareem Jabbar. 

His association with only L.A. also marked his loyalty to Nike. Until his death, he was an advert user of the brand and only promoted it. Also, the beginning of the 21st century brought a new wave of fans, all thanks to Kobe. This increased his popularity and his worth, his Net Worth too.

This article brings you insight into the financial side of the departed player, his business ventures, and his total net worth.

Kobe Bryant Lakers

Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth

The Lakers Era

1996 was when Kobe got selected by the Lakers in the N.B.A. draft. His 20-year tenure ended in 2016 and brought in a lot of success for the entire city, making him a global superstar. With so much success and fame, Kobe’s worth grew exponentially. For an extended period, he was the face of the N.B.A. His stardom was unparallel, and naturally, it all helped increase his name as a whole.

Since he was always playing for the Lakers, in his 20-year career, he amassed $680 million from playing salary and endorsements. Nike, his partner, also racked up good numbers while he was active as a player. In 2016 when he officially retired from the N.B.A., alongside entrepreneur Jeff Stibel, they set up a $100 million V.C. fund to invest in data companies, technology, and media.

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Net Worth

With all that happened in 2020, calculating the Net Worth of a deceased athlete is always a task, and Forbes well handled the mission. According to them,  after adding and subtracting all the salaries, the negotiations, the brand deals, the advertisements, his businesses, and considering his demise, it is stated that Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth Is estimated now to be $350 million. This shows what a brand Kobe was and influential he still is, two years after his death.


Kobe Bryant Net Worth

The five-time N.B.A. star and two-times Olympic Gold Medalist, with the third being the silver (2004 Athens), Kobe Bryant is one of very few to inspire across generations. His mentality, widely famous as the “Mamba mentality,” is super famous in the Pop culture reference. When the going gets tough, the tough get going is the idea behind this mentality. Such is the influence that people start remembering our very own ‘Black Mamba whenever something happens.’

Gone too soon, Kobe; you’ll be remembered forever. (1978-2020).