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One Piece Chapter 1052 Reveals Kaido’s Awakening!

One Piece Chapter 1052

In One Piece Chapter 1052, after Luffy and Kaido’s battle, One Piece fans question whether the Wano storyline is nearing its climax. Additionally, the one piece fans are keen to see the aftermath of the fight on Onigashima. Chapter 1052 will bring us a week ahead to establish which characters in the Wano arc have perished. The last One Piece chapter revealed that Kaido and Big Mom would not return. Finally, the Straw Hats Pirates can celebrate their triumph against the Emperor of the Seas. Momonosuke is the new Shogun of the Wano Country, while Yamato has joined Luffy’s crew, as we all expected. However, not every character survived the lengthy conflict on Onigashima Island. According to early spoilers for Chapter 1052 of One Piece, both Ashura and Izo have died.

In 2022, the One Piece series has a lot to look forward to. Fans are not only counting down the months before the release of the One Piece: Red film but also the Odyssey video game and the weekly broadcast of the anime adaptation. The creator of the original manga series, Eiichiro Oda, is taking a little vacation before the Summer schedule starts, and the internet is awash with reports of a lengthy absence. Fortunately, there is still some good news for fans. Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1052 have leaked online, hinting at another time jump.

One Piece Chapter 1052

After the conflict toppled the reign of Emperors of the Sea Kaido and Big Mom. “One Piece” Chapter 1052 reveals that a new danger is on its way to the hidden realm of Wano. After the action-packed chapters build-up to the conclusion of the “roof piece,” Often known as the combat on the top of the Skull Dome that sent Kaido to the depths of the undersea volcano. “One Piece” 1052 is likely a transitional chapter.

According to industry sources, the following manga edition would depict Zunishia’s departure due to blocked borders. In addition, the spoilers show that Hawkins expected Kaido’s downfall, but his pride kept him from betraying him. Wano Kuni has made tremendous headway since the introduction of the new Shogun, while Apoo and Inbi seem to have reconciled with the alliance. The next episode will also confirm the deaths of Izo and Ashura, the two Akazaya. According to sources, there will be several Yamato fan service scenarios, including a bath session for Kaido’s kid and Straw Hats comedy scenes.

Admiral Green Bull, or Ryokugyu, is intriguingly on his way to Wano. Spoilers state that this admiral’s name remains unknown. Since he just joined the fleet after the two-year time jump along with Fujitora. To replace the posts abandoned by Aokiji and Akainu. Admiral Ryokugyu is his lone name among his peers. As seen by his and Fujitora’s confrontation with the revolutionary army, he seems as lighthearted as Aokiji, yet is capable of managing essential jobs.

There is an internet hypothesis that Ryokugyu is Zoro’s father, with “Ryo” reportedly being a popular Wano surname. According to this idea, Fujitora and Greenbul are both from Wano, according to their attire. Eiichiro Oda acknowledged that despite his remarkable similarity to Zoro, Shimotsuki Ishimaru was not the swordsman’s father. According to the most recent hypothesis, he is his grandpa.

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One Piece Chapter 1052 Release Date

One Piece chapter 1052 will release on June 12 at roughly 11 a.m. EDT. If the release date is modified, it will be reflected in the article. The release schedule will vary from area to region.

Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1052?

The issue will be accessible through two licensed sources: Viz Media’s MANGA Plus and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app for smart devices. Chapter 1052 of One Piece will be available on all significant manga reading websites. The episode will be available as soon as it is made available. Please note that it airs at various times, as shown in the table above. The websites listed below have a history of timely chapter delivery and are up-to-date.

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