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Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 Ending Explained

Stranger Things is a science fiction and horror drama series created by The Duffer Brothers. This series is set in the 1980s and revolves around the fictional town of Hawkins, located in Indiana. The series stars Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Sadie Sink, and Caleb Mclaughlin in lead roles. The fourth season of Stranger Season looks promising with the original cast back in action, a more detailed and non-linear plotline, and a fresh crew. Every season focuses on the monsters originating from The Upside Down, an energy portal. So far, we’ve seen Demogorgon, The Mindflayer, and The Spider Monster. The first volume of the fourth season was released recently, and here’s what we have to say regarding the ending. So, here are the details of Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 Ending Explained:-

Vecna’s True Identity Revealed

Vecna, the primary antagonist in Stranger Things Season 4

Vecna is the main antagonist and monster that appears in Season 4 of Stranger Things. Vecna’s origins are from Upside Down, and it preys on teens suffering from trauma and emotional unrest. It is later revealed that Vecna is none other than Henry Creel, a former test subject at Hawkins lab formerly known as one. Henry Creel becomes Vecna after being exposed to the radiation and temperature in Upside Down. Eleven banishes Henry Creel Upside down in a flashback after he kills his fellow test subjects. Eventually, Creel became the monster Vecna 7 years after being exposed to the radiation and temperature.

Hawkins Lab Massacre

The Hawkins lab massacre reveals Eleven’s past and how she was bullied and tortured in the lab as a human test subject. Eleven finds solace in One, who acts as a sibling figure. However, the truth is revealed when One, also known as Henry Creel, massacres the test subjects. Eleven is sad and enraged simultaneously, and she banishes Creel into The Upside Down. Furthermore, Creel’s hatred and apathy for humans is displayed evidently when he kills the test subjects with no remorse. Jamie Campbell Bower’s portrayal of Henry Creel is remarkable to the young Henry Creel.

The Truth Behind Eleven’s power

Eleven is revealed to have suppressed her memories of the Hawkins laboratory massacre. When she taps into her good memories while fighting Vecna, she can defeat the monster. She remembers how her mother was taken away from her, but amid the sadness and chaos, Eleven taps into her true power and defeats 001. Her sibling relationship with One is revealed since both characters share the same passion. Eleven temporarily loses her powers due to the Mind Flayer’s attack but regains her telekinesis.

Hopper’s Living Status

Hopper is revealed to be a prisoner in the Soviet Gulag. In the previous season, fans were shocked by Hopper’s death after he dismantled a Russian machine but was killed by the energy field. Well, guess what? He’s alive. It turns out that he was captured and tortured by the Russians for information. The explosion teleported him to a different space resulting in his disappearance. Hopper kills the Demogorgon and reunites with Joyce in the first volume of Season 4. This was the most unexpected moment of Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 Ending.

Jim Hopper is revealed to be alive

So, that’s all for the details regarding the Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 Ending Explained. Stay tuned on theartistree for more updates like this.

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