Hello My Name Is Doris

Hello, My Name Is Doris: Ending Explained!

Hello, My Name is Doris is a 2015 coming-of-age romantic comedy film, and fans have been looking for its’ ending explained. It is directed by Michael Showalter. It features Sally Field and Max Greenfield in main roles. Sally Field is known for playing roles in iconic movies like The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and Forrest Gump (1994). The concept of this film is based on a 60-year-old woman who falls for her young co-worker. This movie received a 7/10 rating on Rotten Tomatoes, 63/100 on Metacritic, and positive reviews from both audiences as well as the critics.

In addition to high ratings, this film has also received SXSW Film Festival Award under the Audience Category in March 2015. This film received positive reviews from websites and magazines like Variety and Indie wire. Sally Field was nominated for the category of Best Actress by Critic’s Choice Awards. She was also nominated under the category of Best Actress in a Comedy by Women Film Critic’s circle. This film’s budget is estimated to be around 1 million. Let’s take a look at the story, reviews, and ending of this explanation. What happens in the end? Read to find out.

What Is The Story?

Hello My Name Is Doris

Sally Field as Doris Smith

Doris Miller is a 61-year-old woman who lives alone following the death of her mother. She grapples with her mother’s absence. Furthermore, her brother and sister-in-law try to talk Doris into selling the house. She refuses to sell the house. Meanwhile, she bumps into a handsome young man in the elevator. The coworker is revealed to be John Fremont. Doris becomes infatuated by this man and tries to win him over. She buys tickets for his favorite band and attends the concert with him.

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Eventually, he gets impressed by her actions. Her happiness is short-lived when she gets to know that John is in a relationship with a woman named Brooklyn. She posts a comment on John’s Facebook post claiming he cheated on her. Brooklyn and John break up thereafter. Following the breakup, Doris and John get closer, and he invites her for dinner by asking her if she’s “into younger men.” Doris accepts the invitation and decides to attend the dinner. She is shocked when he introduces her to his Uncle. On top of that, Doris is devastated and heartbroken. But… how did the story end?

Hello, My Name Is Doris: Ending Explained!

Hello My Name Is Doris
Sally Field and Max Greenfield in a still from the movie

Doris is shattered by John’s actions. She confesses and expresses her true feelings to him. Furthermore, she also reveals the fact that she posted that hateful comment, to which John reacts with disgust. John is visibly upset and tells her that he’s not interested in her. She leaves the dinner party in a devastated headspace.

Following this event, she decides to move on. She goes on to clean her house and declutter her workspace. In addition to that, she decides to quit her job and bids farewell to her coworkers. In the end, she spots John in the office, and they bid goodbye and make amends. The scene closes with Doris imagining a kiss with John, only to wake up from her dream.  However, John does look up to her and admires her from a distance, hinting at a platonic connection as opposed to a romantic one. You can watch the movie on Netflix.

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