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The Staircase Finale: What Happened?

The Staircase Feature

The Staircase Finale is ‘The Talk’ going on right now, and it has grasped everyone’s attention. The HBO crime thriller series is coming to an end with season 1. A crime thriller series managed to grab millions of eyeballs worldwide and has left fans disappointed. Because the first season has come to an end. Quite trending, the crime drama is a genre that is accepted by the majority audience. But what is interesting here is, in spite of so many shows of the same genre, The Staircase is somehow different. Let’s be honest, not all crime shows become successful, and that is why the USP of The Staircase, the finale is worth noticing.

Inspired by a true story, the show casts Coin Firth, Tony Collette, Sophie Turner, and Juliette Binoche in lead roles. This story revolves around the life of Michael Peterson, his N.C Family, and the mysterious death of his wife. Based on a crime novel, Michael Peterson is a real-life personality who is still with his family. For the past 20 years, he has tried to prove his innocence related to his wife’s death. This show has managed to encapsulate the audience with terrific performances from every actor. The finale premiered on 9 June 2022 and this article will try and decode the happenings of the ending.

The Staircase Finale: Episode 9

The HBO crime thriller has delivered more than it promised. The novelist Micheal Peterson and his wife Kathleen Peterson lives together with their family in Durham, North Carolina. The show depicts the situation of Michael living with this absurd family and how his life is affected post his wife’s death. There are allegations and questions on Micheal. He is the prime suspect in Kathleen’s death. When he was asked about her death, he simply stated that she fell off the staircase, but the autopsy revealed otherwise. The report said she died of homicide. Did he or did he not murder his wife is what the series travels through.

The Staircase Finale

Later on, it is revealed that Michael is in multiple relationships with men. He is also taking care of two children of a woman, who supposedly ‘fell off the staircase’. Things couldn’t have turned more suspicious. Everything is going against Michael. Sophie has been a breakthrough character in the show, widely appreciated. Not only is she Michael’s girlfriend, but she is also an editor of documentary series. She is as fierce as it gets and totally up for tasks. Towards the latter half of season 1, Michael is trying to prove his innocence even after a series of allegations. The doctor mentions that Kathleen was strangled. This opens new avenues inside the show.

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Finale: Episode 9

Finale Episode 9

Throughout the show, Michael is seen as the guy with a habit of lying. Though he appears soft and gentle, there is a limit to how much a person can lie. What shocked and intrigued the audience towards the end of the finale was something unexpected. Michael’s change in behavior while having a conversation with Sophie, who has always loved him, was a shock for everyone. While discussing the future, Michael starts mentioning how he misses Kathleen every day and how she would come back. Being all emotional and again sidelining Sophie. She reacts to him in a very comforting way, asking him to move to Paris together. The way Michael brings out his true colors has left everyone in complete shock.

The viewers are not able to believe what they saw. Michael’s total change in personality was seen. Brilliantly acted by Colin, the anger and hatred towards women were being reflected in the acting. The finale brought in such a surprise that for many, it was really shocking and unexpected. While for others, they suspected Michael his reveal his true identity sooner or later.

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