KAW On TikTok: Is It Sexist Or A Joke?

Kaw TikTok

With all that is trending on Tiktok or in the past, KAW on Tiktok has made its way to the top. At present, it is the most talked-about trend for various reasons. Previously, KAM, ‘Kill All Men’ started surfacing online, mostly as a joke because of the ongoing slaughter by men worldwide. Usually, it takes no time for anything to become a major trend on Tiktok. Every two-to-three months, it keeps changing, and it seems like KAW has the center stage for now. Tiktok now presently has a major cultural impact all around the world.

Currently, KAW stands for ‘Kill All Women’ that has been added to the Urban Dictionary. As wrong as it sounds, Tiktok does not support such initiatives. While searching for KAW on Tiktok, you will find nothing in the app that is strongly against such actions. On the other, the addition of the slang in Urban Dictionary is proof of what is going wrong with the society. Some people are even using to harass women on various platforms, which needs to stop immediately. A little brief explanation can help understand the situation a little better.

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Kaw on Tiktok

KAW on Tiktok

Many people believe that KAW on Tiktok is a trend that will go away and not take it really seriously. Some shady groups are really trying to take it to next level. Moreover, they are trying to use it to tarnish the image of women on the internet. Searching for KAW on Tiktok gives you a warning. But what made the slang being added to the Urban Dictionary is still unknown. Completely misogynistic and sexist. Though, real intentions are still unknown, whether it is just a joke or it is serious remains to be seen. Or it is just a spoof in reaction to KAM, Kill All Men. This could have serious repercussions if it is really serious. Good on Tiktok’s part that they do not support or entertain such events.

Is it KAW or KAWS?

KAWS Artist

If it is KAWS instead of KAW, then there is no problem at all. #KAWS is a world-famous artist who creates magnificent pieces of art using toys. The likes of LeBron James and Drake have his artwork in their houses, and the person is very famous on Tiktok as well. So there is a possibility people might have confused the term with the Artist’s name. Whatever the situation stands, Urban Dictionary needs to take a look at the matter, so it doesn’t go out of hand.