Where Is Two for the Win Filmed? All Locations Revealed

Where was Two for the Win filmed
Two for the Win

Romance blended in with a snowy backdrop never gets old or is too mainstream. The whole setting itself gives the audience chills-literal chills. Love, romance, long lost and found friendship alongside a fiery aim is only a fan of coming of age love stories could ever ask for. This Hallmark exclusive has got it all to keep you tied to your seats with an old concept but a new perspective. The amalgamation of these hair-raising emotions sure will leave the audience in awe. Directed by Jerry Ciccoritti, the movie is shot in the beautifully tucked snowy mountains of Ontario and is the perfectly inspired adaptation of Sarah Morgan’s novel “Sleigh bells in the snow”. The locations played a significantly deciding role in the film, and we are about to see more about “Where was Two for the Win filmed?”.

The film chronicles the life of a pro ski racer, Justin O’ Neill, after he was taken over by a serious knee injury which pivots his life at once, pushing him to visit his hometown after a long time. There he comes across his long-lost best friend cum ski coach Kayla Green. The duo tries to make up for the lost time and start reconnecting where comes in all the old memories are accompanied by the newly made ones.

 Where was Two for the Win filmed
A scene from the movie “Two for the Win”

They show how two friends can never really break up and are always connected by a string, no matter how long it takes to get back together. Hallmark hits the bull’s eye yet again with “Two for the Win”. The win, of course, goes to the storyline with its delightful portrayal of emotions and relations but the locations in no way play less a role in bagging the grand slam. The right film to feel all the emotions and get drenched in the snowy backdrop with adorned friendship, romance, and love. Let’s get into the subject “Where was Two for the Win filmed?”.

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Where was Two for the Win filmed?

The Hallmark homer started its filming in mid-November of 2020 and proposedly finished it by the end of the same month. Most of the scenes are shot in Ontario, with tiny bits gathered from Quebec. Without any ado let us see the magnificent mountainy location of the film and know more about the focal topic “Where was Two for the Win filmed?”.

Ottawa, Ontario

A vast part of the movie was shot in Ontario, predominantly in Ottawa. The snow-capped mountains, rugged terrains covered in ice and mist, skating rink, and many such elements added to the beauty of the pleasingly crafted Two for the Win Hallmark movie. The locations in Ontario incorporated in the storyline a mix of fuzzy feelings and love. The narrative development can be seen in concurrence with the charming environment around. The whole location is well known to most people with numerous events, and music festivals organized year long. Ottawa is situated on the south bank of the Ottawa river, and with its alluring natural surroundings, it is irrefutably the only location that blends in the film’s narrative. The lead actor Trevor Donovan posted a picture from the location on a day of shooting in his character gear and mentioned that the area is known as Mount Pakenham with a caption saying “a bit snug, but warm”.

Arnprior, Ontario

Another of the Two for the Win shooting locations include the quaint locality of Arnprior. The dreamlike environment with picturesque locations adds charm to the spirit of the whole Hallmark movie. The confined yet blindingly beautiful towns of Arnprior drenches the scenes with a snuggly vibe and lovey essence. The whole ambiance has scored the town to be a recurring location in Two for the Win Hallmark movie. Actor Trevor posted glimpses of BTS from the location on his Twitter.

Carleton Place, Ontario

Enclosed by the Mississippi River is the Carleton Place with embellishing spark during winters which added to the dazzle of the whole film. Pictures of the location were posted by one of the casts John Ralston, on his social media handle.

Chelsea, Quebec