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Ms. Marvel Episode 3- What All To Expect, Spoilers And More

Ms Marvel Episode 3 Feature

Episode 2 has undoubtedly created a strong buzz for Ms. Marvel in episode 3. Released just a few hours ago, talk about episode 2 is in full swing,, and the theory for episode 3 has already started. Fans can wait for the next episode to come out. They want it released tomorrow and not next week. Interestingly, this was a significant risk for Marvel to base the show on someone from a different part of the world. The first two episodes are clear indications that the gamble has paid off. The first episode was funny, fast-paced, and brought in a lot of familiarity for the subcontinent people. The second episode moved toward the structure of the series more. The storyline is now set, the viewers know the power, and the characters have been introduced well enough.

Ms. Marvel has set the base and the standard we all look forward to in a superhero series. Kamala seems to be adjusting to her new powers,, and the introduction of new characters have brought light to some hidden secrets. Still, a lot of it is left to be unfolded,, and we can see slowly of it coming out. It looks like Kamala’s life is ultimately going to change from now.

This article gives insight into Ms. Marvel episode 3, what to expect, spoilers, and more.

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Ms. Marvel Episode 3- Know A Lot

We cannot talk about Episode 3 without giving insights into episode 2 of Ms. Marvel. After escaping the Avengercon event, Kamala is seen in school making a small mess in the hallway. There, she meets up with Bruno,, who asks her about her powers. They see Zoe talking about organizing a party on her being alive after the Avengercon incident. Kamala decides to join the party. After school, Bruno explains to Kamala that the Bangles are not the source of her powers but rather just an instrument to unlock them. He helps her train by creating energy constructs. Kamala’s friend Nakia is introduced a lot in this episode. At Zoe’s party, Kamala is introduced to Kamran, a new boy in school. They quickly bond over  Bollywood films and music, and a sense of teenage romance is seen.

Ms. Marvel Episode 3 What to expect

At home, Kamala asks her mother about her grandmother. Her grandmother has been a survivor of the India-Pakistan partition and managed to meet her family despite struggles. When asked about her great-grandmother Aisha, the topic was neglected. The only thing which Kamala’s mother told her was that Aisha brought immense shame to the family. While asking the same question to her aunties, Kamala saw a boy falling from a tower. She quickly changes costume and uses her powers to reach the boy. Suddenly, the image of Aisha appears, and she blacks out. However, she manages to recover in time and saves the boy. At that moment, the agents started chasing Kamala. Earlier, they had interrogated Zoe and narrowed it down to the fact that the girl is of South Asian descent.

Finally, Kamran comes to her rescue,, and she sits inside her car. There, in the back seat, sits Kamran’s mother,, and she greets Kamala saying, “it is good to see you.” The episode ends there.

What To Expect Now

Ms Marvel Episode 3 now what to see

Ms. Marvel’s’s episode 3 sounds very promising after how episode 2 ended. It has given all of us some clues as to what can happen. Evil elements may start appearing or at least their introduction in some form. Moreover, the history of her great-grandmother is yet to be unlocked. The upcoming episode could reveal knowledge and history of Kamala’s powers. There is much to look forward to in episode 3 of Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel airs an episode every Wednesday, streaming on Hostar Plus.

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