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Top 10 Best Black Cartoon Characters Of All Time

For many years, Black characters have been given many amazing roles in different media which have paved the way for many and people have been wondering what are the Best Black Cartoon Characters Of All Time. One of these media is also cartoons. They have given us some of the best characters that ever graced the big screen and small screen as well.

There have been numerous such characters in cartoons that have unique personalities. They make them stand out from other characters but we selected only a few characters for this list. Here is the list of 10 of the best black cartoon characters of all time.

10. Cyborg

This is one of the main characters of the Teen Titan Go show. He is a very a cyborg that is filled with many advanced technologies. He is a very funny character that has made many people cry in laughter and his appearance on the show was nothing short of amazing as he served as one of the best characters in the show, not the best.

His personality is very different as he likes to party and also have a fun time with his friends all the time. On top of all this, there are many funny moments scattered throughout the show of Cyborg in which he has done many hilarious things. So no doubt he is on the first of our list of Best Black Cartoon Characters Of All Time!

09. Joe Gardner

Joe Gardner

He is the main protagonist in Disney’s Soul film and is voiced by the legendary Jamie Foxx. He is a middle-school band teacher. Joe’s true goal in his life is to play jazz. Joe thinks that he is born to play it professionally and even though he is 46 years old, he still won’t stop believing in his dreams as he believes that one day he will be able to reach a high level with this.

He has a great knight in jazz history and his social life might seem bad but it doesn’t have any effect on his confidence. But his character in the film changes which made him into an even better character that everyone liked and loved from the bottom of their hearts.

08. Garnet


On the eighth spot on the list of Best Black Cartoon Characters Of All Time is Garnet. She is a character that hails from the Steven Universe. She is the de-facto leader of the Crystal Gems and is a very straightforward character. Garnet is a very strong combatant who possesses a fierce and competitive mindset. She possesses many different types of personality that depend on various factors.

All of these personalities are good in their own right and sometimes are unique about them. But the most dominant persona of her is the blunt, and strong. And isn’t afraid to tell what’s going on in her mind. All allies can depend on her for she is a person that everyone can rely on.

07. Agent J

Agent J

James Darrell Edwards III or Agent J is one of the main protagonists of the Men in Black franchise. He is a very capable man as he is very dedicated to his job and has a very funny personality. He has the habit of cracking jokes even in tense situations which are in the times when they were almost about to be killed.

His character is a good source of stress relief and his partner Agent J has very good chemistry between them. Both of them have different personalities which make every interaction very interesting and fun to watch. The most interesting thing about J is that when he is about to wipe out the memory of a person. He gives very complex excuses for that reason.

06. Frozone


Lucius Best, aka, Feozone is the character from the film The Incredibles. He is voiced by none other than Samuel L. Jackson. He is a very good friend of Mr. Invincible and for a very long time has served as a hero that has protected many people from the dangers of the world. He then lead a very normal life and a good one at that as he also married.

Frozone is one of the prominent figures in the film who is loved by all of the fans of the franchise. Also, each one of his appearances has been cherished by the fans. He doesn’t shy from getting his hands dirty. It comes to helping those that are in need and his powers reflect his personality which is cool calm and collective.

05. Numbuh 5

Numbuh 5

Abigail Lincoln is a character from Code Name Kids Next Door who joined their ranks three years before the start of the show. She is a very intelligent and cunning agent who was given the position of the leader of Sector V. But Numbuh V gave her position to Numbuh 1 for the greater good.

Her leadership qualities have been recognized by all of her peers as she was later given the title of Supreme Leader. She is a very tactical, fearless, and rational person that doesn’t jump to conclusions in a short amount of time. All of these things made her a very formidable opponent and feared by her enemies. There are many childhood memories that she has been a part of and there are still people that cherish all of the moments she had in the show.

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04. Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Brown

He is a character from the infamous The Family Guy who is voiced by Arif Zahir. Cleveland is a very interesting character that always very calm and collective in almost all situations. He is a very peace-loving, sweaty, and at times patient guy but gets angry at those times when someone is doing some racist behavior in front of him.

He is funny and since his first appearance has been a very loved character by all. Moreover, his speech is slow because of which the punch lines hit even harder than anything. For so many years, his character has been very kind and funny which has put a smile on the face of numerous people throughout many generations. A legacy befitting a character of his.

03. Sokka


He is the character from Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender and is the brother of Katara. Sokka has tagged along on a journey with Aang for a very long time and has been a great help to him throughout the story. He is a very immature character most of the time but he is a very dependable person who takes his job as a protector seriously.

He has saved Aang and his sister many times even if the odds were stacked against him. Furthermore, his funny nature is something that makes him even more of a good character in general which proves a relief when the story gets too serious.

02. Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana

She is the main protagonist of The Princess and the Frog. Tiana is a very gifted individual that intelligent, resourceful as well as talented. Her motto is that one has to do hard work to get what one wants. Furthermore, she has a strong sense of honor and what’s more, is that she might be a workaholic but she loves to spend quality time with her family.

Tiana is a fighter as she was able to save the life of Naveen from life-threatening situations like saving Naveen from predators, Dr. Facilier, and his sinister shadow demons that are his underlings.

01. Storm


On top of our list is Storm whose real name is Ororo Munroe. She hails from the X-Men and comes from Africa. She is a very powerful character that has very formidable abilities which are controlling the weather itself. With this great power, she is a very responsible person that mostly acts as the brain of her team by coming up with strategies, plans, and the best way to get out of tough situations. She at times can be very funny and can get angry sometimes which is dangerous for her enemies as well as friends. To avoid this, she has a very deal of self-control which helps her control this anger of hers.

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