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Love Island Season 8 Episode 15 Ending Explained

Love Island Season 8 Episode 15
CC: Love Island Franchise

Love Island Season 8 Episode 15 has been a series of massive twists and reveals for the Islanders. And after gathering info, the new info three particular Islanders were keen to make choices. What’s more, things have reached a point of no return between Amber and Ekin-Su. This aftermath was Ekin confining today for how Amber and Paige have been acting. Given how things had been going, Ekin had to let out steam to clear her head, and she trusted Jay with that. Once calm, she confronted Amber straight and asked the actor what she was thinking. The nanny blamed her and said she was playing with everyone.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 15

The series is all about keeping appearances and garnering audience approval. But contestants aren’t doing this all the time. That was why they were shaking in Episode 15 of Love Island Season 8 when they learned the audience had been voting for some time. Perhaps that motivated Amber to apologize to Ekin-Su and be on good terms with her.


Love Island Season 8 Episode 15 Ending Explained

Episode 15 of Love Island Season 8 Had a game for couples where they had to transfer liquids (drinks?) using their mouth and fill up the cocktail glasses. It was mostly hilarious with slip-ups here and there. We then cycle to a couple that has been facing difficulties. The said couple was Indiyah and Ikenna. Indiyah was down and pensive, complaining there was something amiss from their relationship. Things become complicated when Dami reveals his feelings for Indiyah in the last Episode.

The episode ended with names being called of the people that were voted less. Those names were no surprise: Amber, Tasha Ghouri, Ekin-Su, Ikenna, Andrew, and Jay.


Where to watch Love Island Season 8?

Episode 15 of Love Island Season 8 is available on ITV. The UK version of the show can also be viewed on Hulu. The Hulu subscription can be obtained through a Disney+ subscription. It costs about 7$ a month to get the most out of the service.

What is Love Island about?

On a Summer Island, a group of singles gathers to find their perfect partner. The contestants are called “Islanders” who live their days under public scrutiny to come out as the winning couple. The winner is decided by the public and islanders who will leave the island. Some Islanders go and move out during the show, and new ones come in. Islanders date each other and try to win the public opinion to come out as the winning couple. The show originated in Britain and, after controversial traction from the audience, gained a worldwide following. Every season has a different host based on their region. Season 8 of Love Island takes place in Mallorca, Spain.

Love Island originated in 2005 and has been going on since then. Season 8 belongs to the United Kingdom, and season 8 for the USA is coming soon.

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