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Top 10 Facts You Need To Know About America Chavez

She is young and powerful; she is your hero of the Marvel universe. America Chavez can travel in an entire multiverse as she has the power to open all the star portals. Not just her, but this young lady can take others with her through the portals. This powerful character has been featured in the recent blockbuster movie, ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’ Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta create Miss America. She first appeared in Vengeance and then joined the club of young avengers.

Further, America Chavez got her very own solo show written by Gabby Rivera. Miss America is one such superhero that is most likely to walk with you in a pride parade; She is a lesbian. Miss America can fly too! Besides her star portal ability, she is fast, durable, and has super-human strength. It is believed that she can almost exceed the speed of the light. Do you want to know more about this powerful, young character of the Marvel universe? We have made this list of 10 facts about America Chavez, aka Miss America, that will make you know her better:-

1. Not from this dimension

America Chavez is the character that has her roots in another dimension called Utopian Parallel. The fact to note down is this dimension is located outside the time and space of the Multiverse. Demiurge is the entity that created this dimension, and it exists only in its presence. There is no perception of time there. The Utopian parallel is the dimension where only females live. You can say that it is like Marvel’s Themyscria. When the Utopian parallel dimension was getting destroyed, her mothers sacrificed themselves for her. Then, Miss America traveled the Multiverse and ultimately reached Earth.

2. Confident and bold

America Chavez is a very confident superhero who always has her brain cleared up to make strong decisions. Another characteristic of her is she never fails to impress with her bold flirting skills. She never hides her sexuality and very impressively flirts with other female superheroes. Most of the time, her flirting skills work too! She is the queen of her world and does everything in her way. If someone says, “America, No!” She responds by saying, “America, Yes!” The superhero can hop in-between the dimensions, and this ability induces super-confidence in her and makes her independent. However. she loves her ‘Young Avengers family.’

3. First lesbian superhero to have her solo series

She has become the first-ever lesbian Marvel superhero to lead in her solo series. Gabby Rivera wrote the series. America Chavez’s series was released in 2017. In the series, America dates a nurse, attends Sotomayor University, and is close to her former Avenger teammate Prodigy. The series was well-received by readers. It made such an impact that Marvel decided to include her in “Multiverse of Madness.”

Top 10 facts you need to know about America Chavez

4. The changed but more exciting origin story

America Chavez’s story is changed in the comics. It is revealed that America has a sister called Catalina. She helped America remember her actual whereabouts. In the changed origin story, America had human doctor parents, Amalia and Elena Chavez. They took her to the unknown island, Utopia, in an attempt to cure the disease ‘Edges Syndrome.’ Unfortunately, her parents had to sacrifice themselves to save their daughters from the wicked plans of the island’s owner. All were dead, and only America could come out. Her sister, Catalina, believes she made another story to copy the original trauma.

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5. Her chosen family

The Young Avengers are America’s chosen family. Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie wrote a series in 2013 and got America introduced to the young avengers. They immediately hit it off and are still friends in the comics. She met with other queer superheroes such as kid Loki, Wiccan, Prodigy, Noh-Varr, Hulkling, and Speed. Also, she became friends with Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye.

6. America’s relationship with Kate Bishop

Heaven knows that both of them have some chemistry between them. Although they never dated in the original Marvel universe, they continuously flirted and are best friends. Kate claims that she is straight. However, America is sure that she is not and has some feelings for her. Moreover, in an alternate world, America appears as the part of A-force (An all-female team of Avengers). There was an alternative version of Kate with the name ‘lady Catherine of Bishop.’ Both of them have many romantic moments in that world.

7. America’s girlfriend

In the solo series of America Chavez, we got to meet her girlfriend. She dated Lisa Halloran, who is an EMT. It can be said that Lisa was a great partner for America. She helped the superhero open up and became more trusting of her. Unfortunately, things did not work out between them when they both realized that they had different paths. Lisa is still in the Marvel universe and bonding with Jane Foster. Both have one thing in common between them that they have dated a superhero.

8. The Demiurge

Demiurge is the entity that has created the Utopian parallel. This entity has been formed by the living force of the Earth’s biosphere and is very evil. It is destined that her very own Avenger-teammate Wiccan can become a version of Demiurge in the future. Things will get difficult for America then. Demiurge is just the face with tentacles coming out of it. Maybe in the future, we will see more of it and can know this entity better.

Top 10 facts you need to know about America Chavez

9. Calls and messages to other dimensions

One of the many fun facts about America Chavez is that she can interact inter-dimensionally. She has a cell phone through which she can send messages and call in other dimensions. For this upgrade, she has to thank the significant upgrade done by Loki. Kid Loki had cast a spell on her cellphone to upgrade the services at a dimensional scale. America uses her high-tech cellphone to establish a work-life balance.

10. Part of Teen Brigade

Before being a part of the Young Avengers, she became a prominent member of the Teen Brigade club. America was part of the modern version of Teen Brigade and served the world. Throughout her duration, she worked beside  Ultimate Nullifier. Teen Brigade is the team that has been present in the Marvel universe from the beginning. Incredible Hulk’s best friend, ‘Rick Jones’ formed this team. Rick Jones is a remarkable character but has not yet been included in the MCU.

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