Last Seen Alive Filming Location

Last Seen Alive Filming Location

Last Seen Alive was anticipated for having Gerard Buttler and after watching the movie we can see why. The man is the producer of the film as well but he is known for his tough performances and solid acting. If you are a fan of action thrillers and like Buttler’s performance, he will not disappoint. However, the same can not be said for most of the cast. Credit is given where it is due. Jaimie’s performance was of the same intensity as her co-actor. She didn’t miss an octane in her performance and you will be delighted to see the two-act. But if the acting was just on the shoulders of these two it would have been a good movie. The issue with the movie is its lackluster script. While Buttler and Jaimie Alexander give great performances regardless of the script, others don’t share the same sentiment.

Last Seen Alive Filming Location
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When the movie first came out fans were expectedly eager. But after it hit the theater the movie wasn’t even a piecemeal. Movie watchers scored the movie 14%, and that screams lackluster. However, there are three culprits for this. The overall performance of the cast, a lacking script, and a meager budget. The studio behind the movie seemed to be of the intention of making the most money with the least amount of involvement. But cinemagoers aren’t easily fooled, they discarded the movie after watching it once.

The script fails to create meaningful tension among the characters. It also fails to establish roles the character have for each other. This fault led the film into becoming into events point with characters as a plot device. Covid-19 is down but the quality of the story hasn’t risen for some time. The summer is long, maybe we’ll get a movie soon. And you can always watch Morbius. We would pick that over last seen alive.

Last Seen Alive Filming Location
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Last Seen Alive Synopsis

Things have not been going well for Will and his wife. Their marriage is at the point of falling apart. We see them go to Lisa’s parent’s home to settle matters and move on. But when Lisa doesn’t show up after a while in the gas station, Will grows worried. He searches for her but she has vanished without a trace. Will teams up with Lisa’s parents and local authorities to look for his wife. When no lead shows up, he is being suspected of her disappearance which he fled. Having no one to trust, he looks for Lisa and proves his innocence.

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Meet the cast of the action thriller film

The action thriller has some of the great names coming to take on the roles. With Gerard Buttler as the producer of the movie.

Gerard Butler as Will Spann
Jaimie Alexander as Lisa Spann, Will’s wife
Russell Hornsby as Detective Paterson
Ethan Embry as Knuckles
Michael Irby as Oscar
Cindy Hogan as Anna Adams
Bruce Altman as Barry Adams

Last Seen Alive Filming Location

The movie is filmed in Savannah’s regional state. This fact has been attested by the Savannah regional film location. In the oldest city in the United States of America, the filming took place majorly in three locations. The film’s producer met with the Rincon Police department

  • Wilmington Island
  • Bloomingdale
  • Rincon
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