The Locations Where Moriah’s Lighthouse Filmed

The Locations Where Moriah's Lighthouse Filmed

From the moment people have watched Moriah’s Lighthouse, they want to know about its location. And why should not that be, the locations in which the movie was filmed are wonderful. You see them, and next thing you know that your travel enthusiast heart wants to go there. Moriah’s Lighthouse is a movie based on the same name novel by Serena B. Miller. It is a rom-cm film directed by Stefan Scaini and got released on 18 June. Rachel Lefevre and Luke Macfarlane plays the main protagonists.

Moriah’s Lighthouse revolves around a talented woodworking artisan, Moriah (played by Rachel Lefevre). She has one aim in her life – to own and use her talent to beautify the lighthouse which was with her family for generations. However, she faces a major obstacle in her plan as Ben (played by Luke Macfarlane). He is an American architect. Ben was hired to make a new home for Moriah’s aunt. Initially, both of them do not like each other much, but then friendship starts brewing between them. And that friendship soon turned into love. A classic love story!    

Where Was Moriah’s Lighthouse Filmed?

Since the story is set in beautiful France, it was the best idea to use France’s picturesque locations to make the movie. Most all the shootings took place in the Brittany region of France. The primary photography was initiated in the last week of March 2022 and was soon completed in mid-April of the same year. Brittany is located on the west coast of France. As it is a romantic movie, the locations have to be beautiful to sparkle the romance brewing between the two protagonists. Several scenes in the movie are shot in the Castel Beau Site hotel located at 137 Rue Saint-Guirec in the Perros-Guirec commune. This hotel is responsible for enhancing beautification in many scenes.

The Locations Where Moriah's Lighthouse Filmed

Another prominent location used is the Ploumanac’h Lighthouse, also known as Mean Ruz Lighthouse. Well, of course, there has to be a lighthouse in the movie that includes it in its basic storyline. The lighthouse is situated in the commune of Perros-Guirec. It was used as a background in many scenes. The lighthouse building is made of pink granite. Actually, the original structure was destroyed by the Germans in the second world war. Not just the structure is beautiful, but you can actually go inside the lighthouse and see the beautiful Château de Costaérès from there. It is the neo-medieval château situated on the island of Costaérès.

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Let’s move forward to the next location which is Rochefort-en-Terre commune located in Brittany only. Nearly every building in that region is from medieval times. Those old buildings can give you the feeling of visiting history. The commune is also one of the favorite tourist locations in the region. (It is the unofficial tourist label) Please visit the place if you are a fan of historic work. Brittany is a place of history and geography. The place got its name from Britons who came from English Isles in order to get an escape from the Anglo-Saxon invaders in the dark ages. Hence, people in Brittany follow the integrated culture of the British and French. Due to the beautiful and breathtaking locations in Brittany, there are many movies that got shot here.