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The Black Phone Ending Explained

The Black Phone Ending Explained

The Black Phone is the new edition to the suspenseful, horror, and thriller genre. Set in the 70s, the movie is more about its antagonist than other characters. Ethan Hawke played “The Grabber,” a psycho kidnapper who kidnaps kids (mostly boys), torments them and ultimately kills them. This time he seized Finney (played by Mason Thomas), but things will change now. “The Grabber” is no doubt the best performance by Ethan to date.

Grabber keeps Finney in the basement, where a black phone is attached to the wall. Although all the wires are cut from it, it still rings. Finney answered the call and found out the call was from Grabber’s previous victim (who is dead), Spooky! Not just phone calls are supernatural in the movie. There is one more thing. Finney’s sister, Gwen (Madeleine McGraw), is a psychic and gets the dreams to reach her brother. Madeleine and Mason also performed well and complimented the spectacular acting by Ethan.

This is the story of an under-confident teenager who has his life at stake, a tale of a pedophile serial killer, and an account of the sister who wants to save her brother at any cost. You have watched the film, loved it, and became Ethan’s fan but are still confused about the ending? Don’t worry. We got your back. This article will give you all the answers you need.

The Black Phone Ending Explained

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

What do you think really happened?

Like most people who have watched the film, you also must be wondering if Finney’s phone calls were actual or not. Ever since the audience is done with the movie, they are left with many perplexing questions. In his final moments, Grabber could also listen to the voices. These incidents point to the theory that all the calls were actual. However, there is another equally plausible theory. It states that there were no phone calls, but Finney imagined them. The teenager wanted to plan an escape, and he made all that up in his mind to give him the needed courage. It was all very psychological. He let his mind think that not him but some other people are helping him and trusting the voices. Maybe they were just his inner voices!

Let’s have a look at The Black Phone Ending

Let’s jump to an ending and see what happened there. Finney gets a clear idea of what to avoid from the phone calls. The most helpful phone call was from his friend, Robin, who was previously kidnapped by a psychopath, Grabber. Robin advised Finney to fill the phone receivers with dirt and use it as a weapon against the kidnapper. Finney did precisely that. When all this was happening in Grabber’s basement, Gwen made sense of her dreams and got a rough idea of where Finney could be. She gave the police the address where she believed Finney could be. Meanwhile, Finney was ready for Grabber to come, but when the basement gate’s opened, Max’s search for the kidnapper took him there.

The Black Phone Ending Explained

Max was shocked to know that he had been living with the kidnapper while all these days were searching for him. Unfortunately, Max couldn’t do anything as Grabber came and axed his head off. Then, Grabber came for Finney, but this time he was going to lose as Finney was all set to face him. From all the knowledge and tips he gained from previous victim’s calls, he laid a trap, and Grabber stuck in it. He beat Grabber with the phone. Then, the phone rang for the final time, and now all the previous victims were on the line; They taunted Grabber for his ultimate defeat. In our opinion, all the victims called to show off their victory to Grabber and celebrate when he faced the same fate they suffered.

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After that, Finney snapped his neck and ended the kidnapper’s terror once and for all. On the other hand, Gwen and the police reached the house where Grabber buried the previous victim’s bodies. Just when she concluded she had lost it and could not save her brother, she saw Finney escaping from the opposite house. They hugged each other; it was a hug of joy and freedom. To their surprise, their father came and apologized for his offensive behavior toward them. At the end of the movie, we can see Finney becoming a hot topic for discussion at his school. However, if anything good came out of all that happened to Finney, it was that he gained profound confidence in himself.


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