Top 10 Most Popular Characters From Shrek Series of All Time

Shrek is an animated film franchise that is one of the most beloved films of all time. The audience and critics received the first film very positively, showing praise and admiration for the plot. The blend of fantasy, the characters from different kid stories, and a strong central character made the film fun. Like all the other films, there are numerous cast members of Shrek that have played such unique roles that they left a strong impression on the audience. Today we bring you the list of the top 10 most popular characters in The Shrek series. Let’s begin

10. Dragon


She was first introduced as a mighty and scary dragon that guarded Fiona in the castle she was first trapped at. But she then fell in love with none other than Donkey, who, moving forward, had kids with her. It was very unexpected for all of the audience. Her role at first was pretty minor, but as the story progresses, her role changes drastically.

09. The Gingerbread Man

Shrek popular characters
The Gingerbread Man

He is one of the closest friends of Shrek that has gotten a great deal of attention in the series. A little is known about him, but that’s all the things that the fan needs to know since The Gingerbread Man became very popular.

08. Prince Charming

Prince Charming

He was first introduced in the second film of the Shrek franchise. Prince charming was first portrayed as one of the protagonists in the movie. But as the story progressed, he turned into a villain, a good one at that, which was hated for numerous reasons by many fans. This also became the reason for his popularity as he was stupid but sometimes cunning, which increased his popularity.

07. King Harold

King Harold

He was the former king of Far Far Away and was voiced by John Cleese. King Harold is very stubborn, loves her daughter deeply, and always wants her to be correct. At first, he was against Shrek as Fiona’s husband because he was an Oger. But in the second film, King Harold fully accepted him as Fiona’s husband. In the end, King Harold called Shrek his son-in-law and, on the other hand, Shrek. He replied that King Harold was proud to call him his father-in-law.

06. Pinocchio


He is a character that Cody Cameron voices. Pinocchio is a character whose texture is similar to that of the story of Pinocchio. But in the film, his story is different as his owner sells him for a handful of money. He is one of the most memorable characters in the series, and with each film, the role of his character grew more and more. Furthermore, one of his main gags is that whenever he tells everyone that he is a boy, his nose gets longer, implying that he is lying just like in the original fairy tale.

05. Lord Farquaad

Lord Farquaad

He is one of the two antagonists of the first Shrek film. He was once a king and a very insecure character of his short height. His nature is very self-centered that only cares about his well-being. Like when he sent many knights to rescue Fiona instead of going himself because Farquaad didn’t want to risk his own life. But what makes him such a popular character is his evil nature and the funny interactions he has with everyone in the film.

04. Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona

She is the wife of Shrek and the princess with a curse that changed her into an Oger at night. Fiona was once a human, but then she fell in love with Shrek and became an Oger permanently. At first, Fiona had a very rough time accepting her fate. But when she found Shrek, she slowly changed her opinion of herself. She then strengthened her resolve, ultimately making her buy what she is.

03. Donkey


One of the funniest characters in the whole series is, without a doubt, Donkey, who has s many unforgettable moments that the fans of the series remember to this very day. He is voiced by mainly voiced by Eddie Murphy. When he was first introduced, Donkey was shown to be a silent character who didn’t talk that much. But when Shrek saved him, his true personality came out: a very talkative donkey who won’t stop talking and follows Shrek around to annoy him even more.

02. Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots

He is one of the closest friends of Shrek and is voiced by Antonio Banderas. Puss is a very loyal and honorable character who will give his own life before letting his friends down. He takes himself very seriously, but that’s when he is the funniest of the other characters. Like many different characters, people around the world like the tough guy that he has always on but in reality, from the inside, he is very kind-hearted and has a hilarious personality. Furthermore, his iconic big eyes tactics are something that makes everyone laugh hysterically.

01. Shrek


On top of our list is none other than the protagonist of the franchise himself, Shrek. At the beginning of the first film, he was very distant from everyone as he loved to stay alone and away from every living thing. Shrek caused a lot of trouble for many villagers and continued to do so for a long time. But throughout many films, it changed as the character developed into a loving man with a wife and kids that he loves. His character was first very selfish, but his founding the love of his life changed him from a selfish character to something that everyone liked.