Reason Behind Criticism Of The Terminal List

The Terminal List Criticism

The terminal list an American revenge-action-thriller television series. This series is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. The series is based on James Carr’s novel The Terminal List. This is the very first season of the series. The first season contains a total of 8 episodes. Antoine Fuqua and Ellen Kuras are the directors of the series. This series stars Marvel’s Star-LordThe  Chris Pratt, Taylor Kitsch, Constance wu, and many more. The Terminal List is the story of Navy Seals. James Reece returns home to find out about his platoon’s death.  The first episode of the series was aired on July 1, 2022. With the release of the very first episode, fans have started criticizing The Terminal List. Let’s discuss The Terminal List’s Storyline and Cast. On top of that, let’s have a look at the reasons behind The Terminal List Criticism.

Reason Behind The Terminal List Criticism

The Terminal List Criticism
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The Terminal List is recently streaming on Amazon Prime. The first episode of this series came out on July 1, 2021. This is a revenge-action series. A Navy Seal officer investigates the death of his platoon. On top of that, his platoon was ambushed and the mission failed. Afterward, he finds out that it wasn’t some coincidence, rather it was all staged. Although The Terminal List has an IMDB rating of 8, the Audience review of The Terminal List is not that good. Let’s dive deep into the storyline, cast, crew, and other details of this newest streaming series. Above all, let’s discuss the reason behind The Terminal list criticism.

With the release of its first episode, the audience started criticizing The Terminal List. According to the audience’s reviews, the reason behind The Terminal List Criticism is pretty simple.

  • Lengthy: Each episode of the story is around 1 hour. That makes the whole story 8 hours long.
  • Nothing New: If you already have watched a revenge thriller earlier, it is possible that you might not find anything new in the story.
  • Poor Action Sequence: There is not much of an action sequence here. Although there is some good gunfight scene in the series. But, looking at the run time of the series, a little more action sequence is needed here.
  • Predictable: The plot of the story isn’t that mysterious. It is the same as any other revenge-action-thriller TV Series.
  • Slow Paced: The plot of this series moves too slowly from one point to another. It might just lead you to shift to another series in between. You might feel a little difficult to binge-watch the series.

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The Terminal List Storyline

The Terminal List follows the story of a Navy Seal, James Reece. James Reece was the on-ground commander of a mission. But he got ambushed and the whole team died. He returns home with a lot of guilt and anxiety. Afterward, he finds out that the ambush wasn’t a coincidence. Someone sold them out. He finds out there is someone behind the failure of his mission. The story follows his discovery and revenge.