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Top 10 Movies Of Miriam Margolyes

miriam margolyes

Miriam Margolyes is a very known name in the Hollywood industry right now. She has an impressive career in both movies and TV shows. She is a British-Australian actress who started her career in theatre. Although Mariam has not been in many films in the titular roles, she is best known for the supporting characters she plays in the movies. Not only in film, but she has also contributed to many TV shows as well. The 82-year-old actress has been in countless movies. She is recognized for her quirky voice; she has done many voiceovers in many films. From a doctor to a teacher to a nurse, she has played various roles in several movies and shows.

Over the years, Margolyes has proved how she can fit right into any movie. It is rare for actors to be remembered for their minor roles, but Mariam has repeatedly proved herself. We have round-up her top 10 films and her roles in them. Read on to know if your favorite role made it to the list.

10. The Man Who Invented Christmas

The famous man Charles Dickens and how became known as the great writer we know today. This movie has little to do with Christmas. And more with the man who invented Christmas. This 2017 movie is a coming-of-age adventure of none other than Charles Dickens. It chronicles the life of the great author Stevens in the movie. The movie focuses on his journey from being a nobody to this famous writer of the novella A Christmas Carol. Miriam plays the role of Mrs. Fisk in the movie. She is known for her unique antics in this movie.

miriam margolyes

9. Early Man

Since Miriam is an up-and-coming voice artist, it is only fair we include her contribution in animated movies. She is known to voice many characters due to her quirky voice. Early Man is a 2018 animated movie. The film is a sports comedy genre. It centers around a football match that decides who gets to be in charge. The game occurs between the primitive stone-age man and the new bronze invaders. Miriam voiced the character of Queen Oofeefa, the queen of the Bronze Age City.

miriam margolyles

8. Little Shop of Horrors

This movie was released in the year 1986. In relation to the horror-comedy genre, this movie was an experiment for its times. It was a musical movie that started with a kind of greek chorus typical of theatre fashion. It is no surprise that Miriam has been one of the cast members since she started her career in the theatre. The actress plays the role of Orin’s character’s dental nurse. The essence of Orin is played by the actor Steve Martin. She plays a cynical nurse/secretary to the surface. Her character provided enough comical relief for the film.

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7. Babe

The full title of this movie is Babe: the sheep pig. This comedy-drama movie was a huge success when it came out. Chris Noonan directed it. This movie was an adaptation of Dick King-Smith’s 1983 novel The Sheep-Pig. Babe was a huge commercial hit and won several Academy Award nominations. Since the film is a story of a farm pig, the main characters in the film are animals. Puppets and real-life animals played the cast. Several actors voiced the animal characters. Subsequently, Miriam is one of the actors who said the animals. She was the fly who was often seen playing with the pig.

miriam margolyes

6. Ed and His Dead Mother

Probably one of the most quirky yet disturbing movies of all time. The movie is a dark comedy that borders between comedy and dark reality. Miriam plays the character of Mabel, who is brought back to life by his son Ed. The negative behavior she displays throughout the movie is a testament to her fabulous acting. She is a height to watch the chasing of dogs and the behavior towards the neighbors. The scene where Ed finally decapitates her mother’s head is one of the most memorably dark scenes of the series.

miriam margolyes

5. Sunshine (1999)

This movie is a historical drama that follows the story of three generations of the Austria-Hungarian empire. Sunshine depicts the time after the 1956 Revolution. The Jewish Hungarian generations and their struggle after the Revolution. The movie was unique by touching on a never connected topic in Jewish history. Miriam appears with her Harry Potter co-star Ralph Fiennes who is in the titular role in the movie. The actress plays the role of Rose Sonnenschein, one of the descendants of the protagonist Ignatz.

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4. Age of Innocence

This movie can be termed as the turning point in Miriam’s career. And why wouldn’t it? Being in a Martin Scorsese movie is not something everything can boast about. The film is a romantic historical drama. It was critically accepted very well at the box office. Although the actress plays a supporting role in the character, she is quite known for it, even today. This was the movie where Miriam got the best supporting actress award at the British Academy awards. This movie remains one of the highlights of her entire professional career.

miriam margolyes

3. Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets

Miriam is very well known for playing the role of Pamona sprouts in the Harry Potter franchise. Apart from the titular characters in the franchise, the other supporting cast of the movie is equally popular among the fans. Harry’s second year at the Wizarding school, this was the movie that introduced us to the Voldermot’s younger self Tom Riddle. Miriam plays the professor of Botany in the franchise. Her character is quite quirky and lovable in the movies. This series is based on the books written by J.K. Rowling.

miriam margolyes


2. Romeo+Juliet

Very famously like the Red Curtain trilogy, this movie was an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s film. The story about star-crossed lovers is not unknown to the audience. But still, the movie was a massive hit at the box office. Be it the fantastic direction of Baz Luhrmann or the acting performance by Leonardo Decaprio. The cinema worked wonders. Miriam plays the role of Juliet’s nurse, the nanny. The nurse is an important side character in the movie. She is the messenger between the lovers who could not meet due to their family’s rivalry. She is pretty memorable in her role as the nurse in the movie.

miriam margolyes

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

This is the final movie in the Harry Potter franchise. One of the highest-grossing movies of all time. The movie needs no introduction of its own. Miriam reprises her role as the professor of Botany in the last film. The end finally felt like an end to an era for all the movie fans. Harry finally finds a way to get the Horcruxes which contain the secret to Voldemort’s immortality. The two go down in a showdown of magic in which Harry triumphs in the end.

miriam margolyes


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