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Top 10 Shows Similar To Love Island

Love Island

Love Island is a reality game show, part of reality TV. The show is very famous among fans, especially in this era of modern dating. The show promises all kinds of gossip and scandal there is. Love Island’s popularity is growing, and many other countries have developed their show version. Viewers even argue that the American version of the show is even better than its UK counterpart. But the show is not the last which promises fame to all the singles in town. Many dating shows promise the same drama and a chance to have a real connection. Although, we are not sure how much truth the latter holds! We have round-up the Top 10 similar shows you can binge on if you have exhausted the drama of Love Island.

Top 10 Shows Similar To Love Island!

10. First Dates Hotel (BBC 4)

Starring Sirieix, the show is similar in concept to Love Island. Contestants participating in the show are removed from the familiar setting of their life and kept at a luxury hotel in France. The couples then go on dates in this entire space of luxury. The teams whose dates go better than the others have more chances to survive in the game and go ahead. The show is even better than Love Island as it focuses on each couple per episode and feels much more emotional than Love Island. Fans of the show can indeed check this out.

9. Celebs Go Dating (Hulu)

The show is similar to Love Island’s concept that people find dates. But here comes the catch, the people are not ordinary but are celebrities. Fans will enjoy watching previous Love Island contestants on the show as well. The show pairs each VIP with a regular person and goes on dates. The show featured some celebrities like Eyal Brooker and Olvia Attwood. Made in Chelsea star Alik Alfus also appeared in one of the episodes. Fans enjoy this show as it provides a glimpse into the dating life of VIPs.

love island

8. The Circle (Netflix)

This show gained most of the viewership during the pandemic because the premise is no less than an actual lockdown. If the glamor and the luxury of Love Island were a bit much, then this show will surely give you a much-needed change of scene. The contestants are locked in rooms where they have to make connections virtually. Being a dating show, the show’s concept is quite new and thus entirely marks its authenticity. Strategizing is a significant part of the show as the connections formed are virtual, which is even more difficult than regular dating.

7. Bachelor In Paradise (Netflix)

Another one of the top 10 shows similar to Love Island. If the name didn’t give it away, then we will. This show is like a love child of The Bachelor and Love Island. The fans of both these shows can join forces and enjoy this joy ride in paradise, as the title claims. This show is for you, the viewers who were not impressed with The Bachelor’s premise of all the women being smitten with one man. There are both men and women who mingle with each other within the seven weeks. More contestants are added and eliminated too in each episode.

love island

6. FBoy Island (HBO Max)

This show is probably the most authentic in the dating genre on this list. It is like love Island but with a hint of mystery. The bunch of boys on the show are divided into two groups. The Nice guys who are actually for the connection. The others are the FBoys who are here for the prize money only. It is later revealed as to who is what. The show is unique in its conceptualization and allows the girls to judge who their connection is.

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5. Joe Millionaire UK (Channel 4)

How about a dating show not set in the modern dating parameters. The current dating scene has completely changed the way people make connections, and this show will hit you right in the nostalgic feels. Fifteen women are chosen to woo a millionaire and make a connection with him. Later, it is revealed that he is not, in fact, a millionaire at all. True love gives a slight chance to be tested in this show the balance between love and money. Fans of Love Island will identify with the concept that winners are also offered an event at the cash if they don’t want to choose love.

4. The Bachelorette (HBO Max)

While there are many fans of the show Love Island, the show’s concept is very superficial and demeaning. The contestants have to choose their instant partners based on appearances which are very degrading, especially for women. Viewers have also slammed the show for this. The Bachelorette is hosted by Ayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe and was initiated to remove this initial barrier of choosing partners based on looks. The show also helped remove some toxicity many dating shows bring concerning women.

love island

3. Dating Around (Netflix)

If you are also not impressed with the heteronormative dating culture shown on Love Island, this show is for you. It is an improvement in the concept of dating shows like Love Island. People from all walks of life are given a chance to go on five dates and form a connection with their partners. The show also explores the same-sex dating spectrum and tries to provide a more mature outlook on the whole dating scene. Fans can tune in on this show to enjoy a more authentic take on dating in the modern world.

2. Too Hot To Handle (Netflix)

Being one of the top 10 shows similar to Love Island, this show exploded when it was released on Netflix. The show was trending in the Top 10 shows in almost all the countries. The show’s host is a virtual bot that guides the contestants throughout the show. The contestants involve with the other members in various activities and talk sessions. The catch is that they cannot apply any physical contact with each other. Each time a person breaks this rule, a significant sum of money gets deducted from the original cash prize. If you ate over the PDA in Love Island, tune in to this show.

love island

 1. The Bachelor (HBO Max)

The number 1 is shown on this list and is justified so. The show features a bachelor wooed by different women throughout the episodes. The Bachelor became the most popular show, which inspired many spin-off series and other versions of the show. Each season concludes with a grand proposal, an important part of the series. The show is very similar to Love Island in the dating genre and how viewers can see within by voting for their favorite contestant on the show. The show is filled with gossip and drama.

love island

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