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Top 10 Documentaries on HBO you need to watch right now

documentaries on HbO

Netflix has always been hailed as the documentary king in this genre. In recent times, documentaries are becoming the new budding genre for movie watchers. They rose to this spot because of the reportage stream on which these documentaries are based. The part fiction and part real-life movies are currently the talks of the town. While everybody is on the Netflix binge train, we have bought you the Top 10 documentaries on HBO. You must watch documentaries on HBO right now to watch something different from the rest of the world.

Top 10 Documentaries on HBO

If you are a fan of documentaries, keep on reading ahead. Are you one of those people who can’t stop watching documentaries? Have you exhausted the content on all streaming platforms? Don’t worry! Here are the Top 10 documentaries you can watch on HBO. So, lights, camera, and document! Let’s get into the article.

10. Beware the Slenderman (2016)

This documentary alone is enough for a bone-chilling experience that will give you instant goosebumps. Based on a 2014 case, this documentary focus on the so-called created Internet demon Slenderman. Two girls take their best friend to the woods and stab her 19 times in this actual case. According to them, they did this to make offers to the Internet demon Slenderman. This horror cult documentary gets even more chilling when you realize it is based on a true story. The footage, courtroom trials, and atmosphere will surely keep you hooked to the last.

documentaries on HBO

9. Boy Interupted (2019)

This is one of those documentaries that is an absolute tearjerker. This can trigger a lot of audiences as it tackles the issue of mental health. This documentary is made by Dana Perry and is no doubt one of the Top 10 Documentaries on HBO right now. Perry guides the audience through the life of her son, who has bipolar disorder. The movie navigates through his life until his eventual suicide at 15. The movie is a highly acclaimed and award-winning representation of mental health. It shows how the disease consumes the very being of a person.

8. Class Action Park (2020)

Have you ever seen a documentary that feels too bizarre to be true? A movie that feels like fiction but, in reality, is not. If this interested you enough, check out this documentary based on an actual amusement park. The infamous action park, on which this documentary is based, was located in 1980s New Jersey. The rides in this amusement park were not ordinary. They were steel death traps, including countless stories of their victim’s screams. The movie is a collection of all those shrieks in one. A must-watch for all.


documentaries on hbo

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7. Leaving Neverland (2019)

Michael Jackson lovers might reconsider before watching this. Everybody knows the famous singer, the ultimate legend who gave us the infamous moonwalk. But how many of us know the man as he was off-stage? Writer/director Dan Reed creates a dark and very disturbing side of the living legend Michael Jackson in this four-hour-long movie. The movie was not received positively by his fans and family for obvious reasons. The Jackson Estate issued $100 million lawsuits against the filmmakers. But this opened the gates to further investigation.

6. Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996)

Before the world got obsessed with this idea of true crime and many movies were made in true crime fashion, there was Paradise Lost. A sequel followed the movie in 2000 and 2011. This pioneering moment in the history of true crime paved the way for other documentaries. It is based on the West Memphis Three case, which was famous in the early 80s. They were accused of sexually abusing and murdering three young boys. This deserves to be in this Top 10 Documentaries on HBO because it was the defining moment for the true crime genre.

5. Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (2018)

Based on the life of actor and comedian Robin Williams, this movie will change your perspective on the actor. How you see the Dead Poet’s society actor will change after watching this documentary. Marina Zenovich has stitched together a great narrative about the late actor’s life that is simultaneously mesmerizing yet haunting. Movies like these are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and deserve to be on this list of Top 10 Documentaries on HBO. Robin’s journey from a comedian to an acclaimed actor, his alcoholism, and his eventual suicide is the movie’s highlight.

4. Everything is Copy

Journalist Jacob Bernstein’s efforts to document the life of the late filmmaker Nora Ephron. It is only fitting that the filmmaker of hit romantic comedies like Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve got mail gets her feature movie. And how the movie is such an apt exploration of the late director’s life. The warmth and candor of the movie will leave you amazed. You will be forced to revisit her movies to get a glimpse into her vision. Nora Ephron has been a legend and a favorite of many. Seeing her life is an experience for sure.

documentaries on HBO

3. 3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets

Another great true crime movie that will give spine-chilling sensations to your entire body. The movie was instantly the town’s talk when it premiered on HBO. Who doesn’t love a true crime movie based on actual interviews with the victim’s friends and family? The movie showcases how a teenager Jordan Davis was shot in a parking lot multiple times. Marc Silver directed this amazing documentary which should be on the binge list of every true crime enthusiast. This deserves to be on the spot of Top 10 Documentaries on HBO.

2. Gimme Shelter

The historic success of Rolling Stones and the legacy left behind them. Shelter me. The movie was initially conceived to be candid behind-the-scenes footage from the historic 1969 tour by the band Gimme Shelter. But it became everything leading to it. The movie is based on the free concert held in Altamont Speedway in 1969. The concert saw a total of 300000 people turning up and attending the free performance. The filming of this movie is led by a team of Albert and David Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin and is a must-watch.

Gimme Shelter HBO

 1. Grey Gardens

This documentary is bought to you by the astonishing team of the brother duo Albert and David Maysles. The brothers document the tragic lives of a mother-daughter duo who are both strangely named Edith Beale. The movie is based on the family living in the Hamptons mansion. The family is the relatives of First Lady Jackie Kennedy. The movie provides a great peek into the lives of this duo and their deteriorating mental health. The movie received enough backlash for reporting false news about the family. But this proved otherwise and gave the movie instant stardom.

These were our Top 10 documentaries on HBO. Did your favorite movie make it to the list? Stay tuned to theartistree for more such content!



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