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10 best movies of Mary Kate Olsen

mary olsen best movies

For those who don’t know who Mary Kate Olsen is, she is a former actress and now a successful fashion designer. She started her career at the age of nine with her twin sister. Some of you might recognize her from the show Full house, where she debuted as a child actress. She shared that role with her twin Ashley Olsen who also debuted in the series. Mary played the role of Michelle Tanner. Today, we have round-up Mary Kate Olsen’s best movies. Later, the sisters went on to star in numerous movies together and gained stardom. They both made some very memorable movies in their acting career.

Mary Kate Olsen’s Best Movies

The sisters retired from the industry to have a full-time career in the fashion industry. This was sad news to all their fans looking forward to seeing them in more movies. But we are here to remember Mary’s acting days. Here are her Top 10 Best movies of all time. Let’s get Nostalgic!

10. When In Rome (2002)

The beautiful movie was shot in Rome. The two sisters get hired by a company as interns where they go around doing their work. Soon, because of some mishaps, they are fired from the company. What follows next is a series of some more frolicking where the sisters are not only hired back but get great love interests they explore Rome with. The movie was fairly enjoyable but was criticized for setting unrealistic expectations on love and career. Still, it remains one of the most memorable Mary Olsen movies.

mary olsen best movies

9. The Challenge (2003)

The American sitcom Survivor inspires this movie. It again stars Mary Kate Olsen with her sister Ashley. Mary plays the role of the laid-back twin who loves nature and wants to enjoy life to the fullest. The sisters have to complete tasks to win a scholarship. The movie was praised for having a different approach to noir films. It also gets quite meta at the end when all the past boyfriends in various movies show up in The Challenge. Overall, it is a great movie and deserves to be on this list of Mary Kate Olsen’s best movies.

8. New York Minute (2004)

This movie is not so different from the one above. Most of the mAry Olsen movies were based on the completely same premise. Mary plays the role of Roxy, who is fiesty, unlike her sister Jane, who is more relaxed than her. The only redeeming agent in this somewhat okay movie was the early 20s fashion and clothes. It was especially praised for that. It got a theatre screening but did not do well at the box office.

New York Minute

7. How the west was Fun (1994)

One of those cute movies where everything gets alright at the end. Mary is a child in this movie, and she again teams up with her twin Ashley for this. They try to convince their boss that their father needs a vacation. The girls act their part to perfection. But their plan backfired, and they ended up getting their father fired. Ouch! Next, what follows is a series of adventures on their grandmother’s ranch, where they save it from the Bad Boys.

6. Switching Goals (1999)

Who doesn’t like a classic sister swap story? Mary plays the role of Sam, who is very good at sports, especially basketball. She has a twin sister who only loves pretty boys and likes to wear dresses. The sisters decide to trade places when they end up on the other end of the stick. The sisters trade places when Ashley is picked to play on her father’s team. Sam is the one who should have been chosen. Their scheme got caught, but everything went alright in the end.

5. Passport to Paris (1999)

This was the first movie where Mary Kate Olsen had her first on-screen kiss with a love interest named Jeremy. Again, set in the make-believe world of Paris. She befriends a fashion model on her trip to Paris with her sister. When she realizes that her grandfather is too busy to accompany her in exploring Paris, she teams up with her sister and goes about roaming Paris. They have dreamy love interests who will surely make you swoon. This is hands down a Mary Kate Olsen Best movies list movie.

mary olsen best movies

4. Winning London (2001)

At this time, we think that each Mar Kate Olsen movie is set in a different country. Where the twins go, have food, go shopping, and meet great love interests with whom they roam the said country. What a life! But we have to give points to the hilarious antics and premise of the movie. This time, Mary goes to London to attend a Model UN competition. Due to a mixup, she ned up representing the UK instead of her country USA. The movie was way more enjoyable than any Mary movie and deserved such a high place.

3. Our Lips are sealed (2000)

Very aptly titled, twins, find themselves this time in Australia. But here is the catch! They are not there out in the open basking in Australian glory. But are trapped inside a witness protection program. They are the only witness to a burglary in a local museum. The movie is quite funny and might remind you of Home Alone. The second half of the movie is full of action where the girls inflict some torture on the Bad Guys. The movie was critically acclaimed and deserves a spot in this Mary Kate Olsen best movies list.

mary olsen best movies

2. Billboard Dads (1998)

One of those classic type movies where nothing can go wrong. This time, the twins are finding a love interest for their father. They paint a huge billboard ad with hearts to find him the woman of his dreams. The premise of this movie is very sweet, and brownie points for the girls who can switch off their sights by turning off the lights. The movie is a classic Olsen-style movie with all the innocence. Many women sign up for their Billboard dad, and the movie is quite hilarious in all its punches and gags. This movie deserves to be the list of Mary Kate Olsen best movies.

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1. To Grandfather’s house we go (1992)

This is one of the most liked movies of the twins. But we beware you! Treat it like fiction, and everything will be alright. They both hear their single mother confessing how frustrated she is for not having alone time. The twins decide to have on a country trip to their grandfather’s house, where they end up hopping on the wrong buys. HA! Who could have thought this? We didn’t see this coming. Rhea Perlman plays the role of the bad girl here who kidnaps the girls for ransom.

This was it on Mary Kate Olsen’s best movies. Stay tuned to theartistree for more such content!

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