Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Explained: Is It The End?

ms marvel episode 6

Ms. Marvel is one of the miniseries created by Marvel. Marvel is always on a roll that churns movies and shows every instant. Recently, the MCU Universe released Thor: Love and Thunder, which was received positively by the audience. This is under phase 4 of the MCU, where Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness has already been released in the year’s first half. We are here with news about the latest Ms. Marvel Episode 6. With miniseries, Marvel explores another dimension and possibility of what can come next in the Marvel Universe. Ms. Marvel is creating a lot of buzzes, and the show recently released its finale.

The show is available to stream on Disney+ Hotstar with many other Marvel shows and movies. The show is a treat for all the fans and is received positively by the audience. The character of Kamala is highly praised for the identity turmoil she is seen going through in the series and how she pieces back the origins of her story. The show is based in Pakistan and Kamala’s journey to know her routes.

What Happened In Ms. Marvel Episode 6?

The season finale of the show was creating a lot of buzz. While Kamala was transformed into the complete superhero she is, fans were wondering will there be any more superheroes in the family or the show. Marvel is known to have created some memorable superheroes in the universe. Among them, Kamala has made the newest addition. She is already ruling hearts, and we are sure she has a bright future in MCU.

In the last episode of Ms. Marvel, we saw how Kamala is a mutant. We learn this from Bruno. He also revealed that this mutation separates her from all the other members of the family. This possibility made the chances of any new superhero emerging from the Khan family slim.


Ms. Marvel Last episode: A new superhero in the MCU?

While we were reeling with the possibility that we might not get a superhero anytime soon, we saw Kamala’s brother Aamir having some powers. After being forcefully exposed to the same particles as her sister by Kamran, Aamir also gains his powers. But the particles are later revealed to be different than Kamala’s. Still, the newfound powers able Aamir to fight off Kamran. This is like the comic books where Aamir has powers of her own. It will be interesting to see how and if these powers stay with Aamir. But if it is true, we might get a new superhero.

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What To Expect From Ms. Marvel After The End Of Episode 6?

So while Bruno revealed that Kamala is a mutant, unlike inhuman in the comics, there is a little possibility that her brother Aamir will also be a mutant like him. While he had powers in Ms. Marvel Episode 6, we don’t know if they are for the long run or not. Aamir is already a beloved Ms. Marvel character, and seeing him in a superhero costume will surely be an experience for the viewers.

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