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How Is Albert Wesker Still Alive In Resident Evil?

The most famous game franchise running from the year 1996 has its many adaptations in the movies. Everyone loved this game and also its characters. Dr. Albert Wesker is the most famous character in the show, hired by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals in 1977. He was in the research team whose main purpose was the t-virus project. Netflix released the first ever season of “Resident Evil.” The season has eight episodes in total. The whole season revolves around Dr. Albert Wesker and the drug he is creating, which contains the t-virus.

Everything is so good in this series except for the one problem. Dr.Albert Wesker died in the year 2009. He was in a fight and got hit by a volcano that exploded. In this article, we will answer the question, How is Albert Wesker alive in Resident Evil? Read more to find out.

Albert  Wesker Death

In the year 2009, Albert Wesker overdosed on the medicine PG67A. Two BSAA agents were behind all of this. When the stealth bomber’s launch was preparing, Albert was confronted by the BSAA agents who gave him the overdosed medicine. Albert felt weak after medicines. He fought against two agents but was pulled out. A gunshot made him fall to the ground. However, he survived the stealth bomber but fell to the volcano. At this point, Albert infected himself with a virus. The helicopters picked up those two BSAA agents, leaving Albert in the lava.

How Is Albert Wesker Alive In Resident Evil?

Now, we will explain how Albert Wesker is alive in Resident Evil. If you haven’t watched the show yet, don’t read further, as it contains many spoilers. In the Netflix series “Resident Evil,” episode 7 tells the full story of Albert Wesker’s death. The reason that Albert Wesker is alive in the series is that during the time of his death, he cloned himself in a bunker, creating versions of him. The Albert Wesker, whom we will see in the series, is a clone of Wesker who is still alive in the bunker operating his clone.

Andrew Dabb, the showrunner, explained that he wanted Albert Wesker in the series. So, he decides to use the clones theory in bringing back the doctor. The clones theory will become very important in the series. To bring Albert back through clones theory, we meet the different versions of Albert Wesker. Jane and Billie, who are twins of Albert, are surprised when they both learn that their father is a clone. They realize their father is not what they think about him but someone else.

“Resident Evil” is streaming now on Netflix. It has released on 14th July 2022, Thursday. This series is for you if you’re a fan of some weird and scary zombie stuff. It is the adaptation of the horror-surviving game “Resident Evil.”

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