Here Are Some Top Songs By David Draiman!


David Michael Draiman is the popular and talented lead singer and songwriter of the band “Disturbed.” He was born on March 13, 1973, in Chicago, Illinois. Draiman was number 42 in “Top 100 Metal Vocalists Of All Time”. David joined the band “Disturbed” in 1996 after the lead singer called it quits. David was a very important member of the band. He had written many songs for the band, which proved to be successful songs of the band. Most of you have noticed that the singer’s voice is distorted. It is because David had gone through surgery for Vocal Chords. Besides, he is the most talented singer and songwriter of all time. In this article, we will list David Draiman top songs.

Here Are The Top Songs By David Draiman That You Must Listen To!

4. Supify

“Stupify” was the debut song of the debut album “The Sickness” by the band “Undisturbed.” It ranked at number 10 on the Modern Rock Tracks Chart. Moreover, the song was in the Dragon Ball Z’s movie, “Lord Slug.” However, the song is so special among the fans as it points out the problem of Racism and Discrimination. This song tells the incomplete love story of David and some Latina girl. The girl’s parents didn’t approve of Davis as he belonged to a different culture.

3. Indestructible

David wrote this song with the sole intention in his mind that it would provide courage and power to the soldiers. It also marks the success of “Disturbed” in the music industry. Moreover, this is one of the most exciting songs by Disturbed of all time. The song was released in 2009, with its video coming before the music audio.

2. Stricken

“Stricken” was his first ever song that sold more than 5 Lakh copies. The song was released in the year 2005. It was part of the band’s third studio album, “Ten Thousand Fists.” The song’s music video by the band “Disturbed” was rather disturbing. The video revolves around a man who has an affair with two women. However, the man has a girlfriend who discovers his affairs and starts screaming. Meanwhile, the man doesn’t seem to care about anyone’s emotions. The whole video was filmed at some random hospital.

1. Inside the Fire

Topping the list of top songs of David Draiman, we have “Inside the Fire” from the band’s fourth studio album, “Indestructible.” This song was based on suicidal themes, due to which an edited version of the video was released where the suicidal scenes were absent. The shocking part of the song is that the song is based on David’s real life. His girlfriend died by suicide, and the song was based on David’s thoughts when standing right in front of the body. Moreover, it is one of the best songs by David Draiman. It is the band’s only song that got nominated for Grammy Awards.

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