What Is The Combined Net Worth Of Desus And Mero?

Desus and Mero

This article revolves around Desus and Mero’s combined net worth. Desus Nice and The Kid Mero has a very popular podcast show, “Bodega Boys.” Unfortunately, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero had a very popular show, “Bodega Boys.” Duo Daniel Baker and Joel Martinez, also known as Desus and Maro, had the biggest podcast in Hollywood Industry.

The Show didn’t confirm the end of Desu and Mero. Everyone was skeptical about their status. The previous season had more than 50 episodes. The last episode of the Show aired in November last year. It was in June 2022 that Desus announced through Social Media that the Show would return. Still, last week they both announced that they wouldn’t be coming again. Mero commented that the podcast is over, whereas Desus replied that this deserved a better ending. After hearing this news, everyone’s heart was shattered. Desu and Mero’s Show was the most beloved Show of all time.

Meet Desus And Mero

Daniel Baker, professionally known as Desus Nice, is an internet sensation and a television personality. He first became famous with “Desus vs Mero” on Complex TV. It was released in the year 2013. The Show was a podcast. Then, he hosted Desus and Mero on Viceland. In the year 2019, he hosted Desus and Mero on Showtime.

Joel Armogasto Martinez, professionally known as The Kid Mero, is a famous author and a TV Personality. He co-hosted all the shows mentioned above with Daniel Baker. He wrote a best-selling book, “God-Level Knowledge Darts: Life Lessons from the Bronx.

Desus and Mero were always seen together. They hosted every Show together. Not only hosting, but they have also done a lot of other work together. Seeing them getting split is heartbreaking. Fans are upset about this split as they have always seen the two together.

Desus and Mero Net Worth


Desus and Mero Earnings

This is the question that everybody asks. How much are the earnings of Desus and Mero? Their Show and the youtube channel is very popular among viewers. Their YouTube Channel gets a total viewership of more than 4,30,000 views monthly. Income from YouTube is a difficult area. The income is based on advertisements and promotions. There are $5 to $10 for every second of the video. YouTube Channel has revenue from different areas such as promotion and sponsorship. On average, Desus and Mero earn $46 thousand a month.

Net Worth of Desus and Mero

As we know that Desus and Mero have a monthly salary of more than $46 Million, their net worth would be so shocking. They both have a combined net worth of $103 million. Well, the data is based on their one source of income. Both, Desus and Mero have so many sources of income. They have a youtube channel, a podcast channel, a late-night talk show,w and much more. Their Net Worth would be around more than $250 Million.

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