Corey Bohan Relationship Timeline

corey bohan relationship

Corey Bohan is an adventurous biker and the ex-husband of The Hills‘ famed Audrina Patridge. Corey rose to fame not because of his biking career but because of his marriage with Audrina Patridge. Talking about his biking career, he completed the ride in the Planet Games and X Games. In his television career, he was seen in “The Hills” along with former partner Audrina Patridge. This article will discuss Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan’s relationship history. So, without waiting further, let’s get started.

Corey Bohan was born in Queensland, Australia, on 15 January 1982. Bohan finished his education at Private High School. After graduating from a Private College, Bohan started his career as a bike rider. He is the Co-Founder of Change The Ref. He is a talented person and has won various awards for that. For his great performance, he was signed by Red Bulls in 2012. He married a famous TV Personality Audrina Patridge but got divorced for cheating on Audrina.

Corey Bohan Relationship: What Happened Between Bohan & Audrina Patridge?

Corey Bohan cheated on a reality superstar Audrina Patridge. When she was shooting for “The Hills: New Beginnings,” she suffered many ups and downs, both on-camera and off-camera. Audrina dated Justin Brescia before going for Australian BMX rider in 2008. When Audrina and Corey were dating, Corey appeared in the episodes of “The Hills.” The show got canceled in the year 2010. Both Corey and Audrina started dating each other in the year 2008. They announced their engagement in the year 2015. Between 2008 and 2015, the couple broke up so many times. But, after clearing it up every time, the couple got married.

Corey Bohan relationship

In the year 2014, the media saw Audrina crying on the street with Corey doing nothing about it but standing there like a statue. Patridge and Bohan got married in the year 2016. Within one year, Audrina understood the evil nature of Corey and separated while filing a divorce. Not only did Audrina file a divorce, but she also filed a case of domestic violence against Corey. In that domestic violence case, Audrina asked for full security for Audrina and her daughter, who was born in 2016 to Audrina and Corey.

Audrina protected her daughter from all the bad effects of this case. According to sources, she said in an interview that Divorce was crucial for her. It wasn’t easy to keep her daughter safe in between all of this. In 2019, Audrina got custody of her daughter and filed a report of Domestic Violence against Corey again. In the year 2020, Audrina got more open up about her husband, who did not care about her at all.

This was the relationship timeline of Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan. Audrina deserves better than Coney, and surely she will find someone eventually. Corey Bohan is allowed to meet his daughters on scheduled occasions by Audrina Patridge.

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