Solar Opposites cast

Meet The Solar Opposites Cast & Characters!

Our alien family is back to fill that what-to-do hole in our lives. Solar Opposites came in the year 2020 and made its place in the audience’s hearts because of its unique plot. The last season came on March 2021, and from then onwards, we are waiting for the next season to come. Our wait is finally over as the series is back on Hulu on July 13, 2022. The series is famous because of its unique plot and also because of its interesting cast. In this article, we are going to reveal the Solar Opposites cast.

Justin Roiland, who created the all-time favorite “Rick and Morty,” made this masterpiece. Fans have very high expectations from the next season. Solar Opposites’ theme is a dark comedy where the alien family struggles to adapt to life on Earth. Though the series is animated but beware, it is not for children.

Meet The Solar Opposites Cast Members & Characters!

Justin Roiland as Korvo

Justin Roiland, the creator of the famous show “Rick and Morty,” has lent his voice to the protagonist of “Solar Opposites,” Korvo. Korvo, with his family, leaves his home planet, Shlorp, after a meteor destroys their home planet. The family lands on Earth and tries to adapt to their surroundings. Korvo doesn’t like Earth and its habitants.

Solar Opposites cast

Thomas Middleditch as Terry

Thomas Middleditch is known for his role in Silicon Valley. He voiced the character of Terry, who, along with Korvo, has come to Earth from his hometown, Sharp. Throughout the two seasons of Solar Opposites, fans are confused regarding the relationship between Terry and Korvo. Are they married? Are they friends? What exactly are they to each other? Fans want to know. Unlike Korvo, Terry has become quite accustomed to the planet earth.

Sean Giambrone as Yumyulack

Sean Giambrone, who we know from the show “The Goldbergs,” has voiced the character of Yumyulack. He is kind of a sociopath who crafts new weapons and experiments with those on fellow humans. Not only this, Yumyulack shrinks humans to the size of a mouse and stores them in his replicants’ room. Apart from this, he is a very loving brother to his sister, Jesse.

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Solar Opposites cast

Mary Mack as Jesse

Mary Mack voiced the character of Jesse, Terry’s replicant. Unlike her brother, Yumyuluck, Jesse is a fun-loving child who wants to be accepted by humans. She feels terrible about humans hating her and her family. However, Jesse is a very optimistic replica who does not let horrible experiences affect her perspective.

Sagan McMahan as Pupa

In the initial episodes of the series, Pupa might look like an adorable little mascot but don’t take Pupa lightly, as it has the potential to change the destiny of Earth forever. Every season, Pupa changes and evolves. It means that soon Pupa will mature, consume the planet earth, and recreate it to look like Sharp.

This was the Solar Opposites cast. The series is streaming on Hulu. It is perfect for the weekend binging.

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