5 Movies and TV Shows By Dennis Waterman that You Won’t Forget

Dennis Waterman was an English actor and singer who passed away on May 8, 2022, in Spain at 74. Throughout the years, Dennis Waterman has given us some top shows & movies. He has maintained the image of a tough guy through his main performances in TV shows like The Sweeney, Minder, and New Trick. Waterman started acting professionally when he was just 13 years old. At the beginning of his acting career, Waterman was cast in several movies, such as “The Pirates of Blood River” (1961), “Up the Junction” (1967), and “The Smashing Bird I Used to Know” (1969). Waterman’s acting career lasted 60 years.

His early performances in theatre and cinema to his mature parts in film, television, and West End plays. He was well-known for his wide variety of performances, which included drama, horror, action, comedy, comedy-drama, musical, and sports. He appeared in a total of 29 films.

Here Are The Top 5 Movies & TV Shows By Dennis Waterman!

5. New Tricks (2003)

British crime drama television series New Tricks originated by The BBC. The show covers the activities of the Metropolitan Police Service’s fictional Unsolved Crimes and Open Case Squad (UCOS). It comprises retired police officers brought in to conduct new investigations into unsolved cases. It was first managed by Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman and later by Detective Chief Inspector Sasha Miller. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks is the saying that inspired the title of this television series.

Dennis Waterman Top Shows
Dennis Waterman Top Shows

In this series, Waterman plays the role of Gerry Standing. Gerry Standing retired in the 1990s after serving as a Detective Sergeant with the Metropolitan Police Service. He decided to join UCOS in 2003 to better provide for his family. Gerry stayed there for 12 years, making him the longest-serving and last surviving member of the original group. He was officially pronounced deceased in 2015, although this was a hoax, and he is now a resident of the United States.

4. Minder (1985)

The criminal underworld in London is the subject of the British comedy-drama series Minder. Verity Lambert created it between 1979 and 1994; The program was renowned for including a variety of well-known British actors and numerous up-and-coming artists before they achieved their greatest success; at its height, it was one of ITV’s most popular programs. In the first seven seasons, Dennis Waterman played Terry McCann, a Fulham fan and an honest and likable bodyguard.

Dennis Waterman Top Shows

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