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The Ultimate Top 5 Movies By Brigitte Nielsen

Brigitte Nielsen

All-rounder celebrity Brigitte Nielsen is a Danish star known for her multiple talents. In this blog, you can find the best five movies of the actress up to date. However, Nielsen’s skills include modeling and singing, not limited to acting. Also known as a famous reality TV personality, Brigitte Nielsen’s diverse accomplishments have made her quite popular. The actress has appeared in several B-rated movies and shows. She has also hosted and appeared in several TV shows.

These shows were not limited to English-speaking audiences, as she participated in Italian, Danish, German, British and French television. The multi-lingual star hosts her “Gitte Talks” talk show on Kanal 4, a Danish channel.

The Top 5 Brigitte Nielsen Movies To  Add To Your Watchlist!

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5. Red Sonja (1985)

Despite being her debut movie, Red Sonja makes the list of Brigitte Nielsen’s top 5 movies. Nielsen appears in the titular role of Red Sonja of Rogatino. This character later inspired a comic book character by the same name. Directed by Richard Fleischer, the movie is set in the same universe and period as the Conan series. It chronicles the adventure of Sonya against the despotic queen Gedren. It also featured Paul Smith and Arnold Schwarzenneger in supporting roles. The movie is a must-watch for Conan fans, as well as Brigitte Nielsen’s fans.

Brigitte Nielsen Red Sonja

4. Creed II (2018)

The Creed series is a spin-off of the iconic Rocky movie franchise. Brigitte Nielsen reprises her role of Ludmila Vobet Drago. She plays the mother of Donnie Creed’s rival, Victor Drago, and ex-wife of Capt. Ivan Drago. The movie focuses on Michael B Jordan’s Donnie Creed, who faces off against the son of his father’s killer. It also sees Donnie creating a family and getting closer to his trainer Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone.

Creed II

3. Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)

The Eddie Murphy starrer buddy-cop action film was directed by Tony Scott. As a box office hit, the film made over $275 million. It even got nominations for an Oscar and Golden Globe Award. Brigitte Nielsen plays Karla Fry, one of the main antagonists of the movie. Under cover of Maxwell Dent’s chief enforcer, she remains the mastermind behind the Alphabet Crimes.

Beverly Hills Cop II

2. Cobra (1986)

Sylvester Stallone starred in and wrote this 80s action flick. He also happens to be Nielsen’s ex-husband. It is a loose adaptation of Paula Gosling’s novel Fair Game. It is also inspired by Beverly Hills Cop, written by Stallone. Now considered a cult classic, the film did not receive the best reviews at its release. Brigitte plays the role of Ingrid Knudsen. She is the love interest and protected charge of Stallone’s character Lt. Cobretti. The two actors were married at the time of filming.

Cobra (1986)

1. Rocky IV (1985)

This iconic film received a mixed reception from critics yet became a box-office success after making $300 million worldwide. Apart from its clear Cold War themes and propaganda, the film boasts a successful legacy. Nielsen was engaged to Stallone at the time of filming. She plays Ludmila, an Olympic swimming champion married to Ivan Drago. As the film’s main antagonist, Drago beats Apollo Creed to death in a boxing match. This forces Rocky to challenge Drago and fight him in the Soviet Union. The movie’s intense fight scenes landed Stallone in an intensive care unit.

Rocky IV

Nielsen has appeared in over 30 movies, and 13 shows so far. Out of these 13 TV shows, three of them are still ongoing. She has also made her mark in the music industry with three albums and 14 singles.

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