Ryan Gosling Films Ranked From Worst To Best

Ryan Gosling Films Ranked From Worst To Best

One of the most notable actors now working in Hollywood is Ryan Gosling. Gosling has a knack for picking incredibly fascinating, enjoyable, and well-regarded pictures despite usually avoiding the big franchise ventures. He has moreover displayed his extraordinary adaptability in a variety of distinct roles. Here we will mention Ryan Gosling Films Ranked From Worst To Best.

Ryan Gosling Films Ranked

6. Best: Drive(2011) 

Drive, a sophisticated and bloody crime thriller, is still one of Ryan Gosling’s best movies. He performs the role of a confident yet restrained stunt driver who works as a getaway driver for criminals. He is pushed to his breaking point to defend the people he loves when he becomes involved in a double-cross.

drive ryan gosling

Gosling is quite successful as the cryptic lead despite having little conversation. Instead of being a typical thriller, what could have been made into a scary, gorgeous, and shocking journey with some memorable scenes and incredible music.

5. Worst: The Slaughter Rule(2002) 

Ryan Gosling Films Ranked From Worst To Best

In the early stage of his career, Closing tried to make his name for himself and did some indie drama. Some of them were successful, but some of them didn’t work. The Slaughter Rule falls into that category. In this movie, Gosling plays the role of a young man who lost his father and found his life out of control. He then tried to find purpose when a football coach recruited him as the team quarterback.

4. Best: The Notebook (2004) 

Ryan Gosling Films Ranked From Worst To Best

After his charming and amazing performance, Gosling broke into Hollywood’s A-list with the romance epic, The Notebook. In this movie, he plays the role of a man from a simple background who falls in love with a wealthy girl. The notebook has become an iconic romance movie for the generation. The wonderful chemistry between Gosling and McAdams is wonderful. This makes the film heartbreaking and a heartwarming love story for the ages.

3. Worst: Song To Song (2017)

Famous director Terrence Malick has an amazing body of work that enables him to cast some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood in his movies, even the less memorable ones. In Song to Song, romantic relationships, seduction, and betrayal are examined against the backdrop of the Austin music scene. Stars like Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman join Ryan Gosling, but they all appear a little lost in Malick’s world. Although the director’s naturalistic and free storytelling style can be successful, it doesn’t feel right in this situation.

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2. Best: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Ryan Gosling Films Ranked From Worst To Best

Returning to the Blade Runner universe with this eagerly anticipated sequel was a major gamble. Gosling plays a replicant that the police utilize to find evading replicants in the movie. But after learning disturbing truths, he starts to doubt everything about himself.

The movie’s disappointing box financial failure should not overshadow how stunning, majestic, and poignant this sequel is. While carving its thought-provoking course, it is a worthy continuation of the original tale.

1. Best: LaLa Land (2016)

Ryan Gosling Films Ranked From Worst To Best

Gosling accepted the job in La La Land, where he sings, dances, and plays the piano to showcase his talent. In his role as Sebastian, an aspiring actress encounters a jazz pianist (Emma Stone). They attempt to fulfill each other’s dreams while falling head over heels in love.

Gosling and Stone make a stunning couple, and their romance is endearing. The film also features a piece of fantastic contemporary music that draws inspiration from classic Hollywood musicals.