The High Priest Rembrary: Release Date And Cast Revealed

High Priest Rembrary is a fantasy romance drama by tvN. It is based on the web novel named Holy Idol. In this, the unknown star Woo Yeon-woo of our world takes control of the god of another realm, Rembrary. Due to the popularity of web novels, the original work is now widely available on Naver webtoons. Because of this, fans pay attention to the casting as the drama’s casting news is broadcast. A high priest named Rembrary, who had taken over the body of an unidentified idol named Woo Yeon Woo, will be the focus of the fantasy romance serial “The High Priest Rembrary.” A high priest from another world, Rembrary. He arrived here to battle the demon king. He had an attractive idol’s body when he awoke.

The drama is expected to be interesting, and people eagerly await its release. Netizens were already very excited about converting Holy Idol Web Novel into a Kdrama. So, they were trying to predict the Cast and release date of the series. You do not have to do that now; we are here to bring you the latest update on your Favourite Series. Yes! Your wait is over, and we are here to reveal the Release date and Cast of the Upcoming drama The High Priest Rembrary.

The High Priest Rembrary


Kim Min Kyu will play Rembrary in High Priest Rembrary. After battling the demon king who intruded on the world, Rembrary wakes as a charming idol. The humor of the holy god’s difficulties to fit in with the life of an idol and the romance that wasn’t in the original are among the fascinating things to see in this work, along with Kim Min-colorful guy’s acting transformation.

Other works of Kim Min-kyu

After making his acting debut in the 2013 drama “Monstar,” Kim Min-kyu went on to play roles in several other dramas, including “Signal” and “Perfume.” He gained a lot of admiration, especially for his outstanding performance as Cha Seong-hoon in “Business Proposal,” which was completed in April of this year.

The character of Kim Dal, the manager of the “Wild Animal,” will be played by Ko Bo-gyeol. Before making appearances in dramas like “The Producer,” “Goblin,” “Confession Couple,” “Mother,” “Arthdal Chronicles,” and “Hi Bye, Mama,” Ko Bo-gyeol began her acting career in stage plays and independent films. She now has a wider range as an actor. She won the Best Actress prize at the Stockholm Film & TV Festival last year for her remarkable performance in the tvN drama stage 2021 “Proxy.”

Shin Jo-woon, the director of an entertainment agency and a close friend of Rembrary, will be portrayed by Lee Jang-woo. Since his on-screen debut in the drama “90 Days, Time to Love” in 2006. The much-loved Lee Jang-woo, often known as “The Prince of the Weekend,” is expected to display a new charm. Ji-won Ye will take on the role of Seon-ja Lim, the head of the Wild Animals group. Rembrary is a member of it. Since making her acting debut in 1991, Ye Ji-won has performed in various plays on stage, on screen, and on television. Including the drama “Tap,” the musical “Rocky Horror Show,” and the movie “Discovery of Life.”

Go Bo Gyeol, Lee Jang Woo, and Ye Ji Won will also appear in the forthcoming drama “The High Priest Remembrary,” which was announced on July 22nd.

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In the first half of 2023, “The High Priest Rembrary” will get released. Other broadcast information has not yet been made public.

With the addition of Kim Min-Gyu and Ko Bo-gyeol, Lee Jang-woo, and Ye Ji-won, the project has put together a formidable cast, raising expectations for “High Priest Rembrary.”