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Where Is The Mind Flayer In Stranger Things Season 4?


Are you wondering where is the mind flayer in Stranger Things season 4? We have the answers. But first, let’s discuss the show. Stranger Things, a top-rated series on Netflix, recently released season 4 (Volume 1 and 2), which has dazzled the audience with its wondrousness. All seasons of the hit show have sparked a wave wherein it has become a beloved show to many. The story revolves around the city of Hawkins, where unexpected horrors take place. There are mentions of a different world with deadly creatures and a creepy government lab trying to fight it. Fans have revealed how the 4th season has been the best so far. It became the most watched season of English-language TV in a single week. It also hit #1 on the top 10 lists in 91 countries, a first for any English TV series.

That’s not it; Subscribers watched 286.7 million hours of the show, a record for a Netflix premiere. It dominated its record when fans watched 335 million more hours of the show’s fourth season alone. The first volume of the show was released on May 27, 2022. It ended with one of the greatest plots ever. The fans felt extremely connected to the story. They praised how the plot made sense of everything happening throughout the season. Volume 2 was released a few weeks later, on July 1, 2022. Volume 2 consisted of two long episodes that ended in just one go. Fans wanted more and also had a few doubts, one of them being where is the mind flayer in Stranger Things season 4.

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Where Is The Mind Flayer In Stranger Things Season 4?

Before we get down to where is the mind flayer in Stranger Things season 4, let us discuss what mind flayer is for more clarity. The creature is a monster emerging from the upside-down world (an alternate dimension), almost 50-stories tall. Yes, it’s that massive! It looks like a giant spider with evil traits. It possesses a psychic link and can control the other monsters like the Demogorgons in the upside-down world. To clarify, this alternate world is like a giant organism, and the mind flayer in the brain can control what happens. It is connected to everything that lies upside-down.

Mind flayer

The revelation of where the creature had been lost all along occurred in Episode 7, “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab” of season 4. Until now, the characters had assumed they had defeated the mind flayer. But Dustin figured out how Vecna has been connected by psychic power, which is how he has opened up all these gates from upside-down. The characters together conclude that Vecna is trying to take over the world. And then they realize that was mind flayer’s motive too.

Mind Flayer’s Reality


With this, the characters declare that the mind flayer is just a hive mind connected to Vecna. The mind flayer did not possess the psychic power by which all the creatures were controlled upside-down, but it was Vecna all along. In simpler words, Vecna and the mind flayer are the same beings! So, the mind flayer was present in season 4 but in a different form.

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