Where Was The Great Outdoors Filmed?

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People are often confused about where was The Great Outdoors filmed. Before we break it down for you, let’s get to know what the film is all about. The Great Outdoors is an old American comedy film. It was released back in 1988 and was directed by Howard Deutch. The fanbase of this movie is huge, as it is one of the most iconic movies ever made in the Hollywood industry. The movie was produced and written by  John Hughes, and it starred versatile actors like  Dan Aykroyd and John Candy. Apart from the main leads, the film also had various supporting roles played by actors like Stephanie Faracy, Annette Bening, Chris Young, Lucy Deakins, and Robert Prosky. This cast, which was selected carefully, made the movie even better.

Even though this film was liked by many, it still has mixed reviews. Many have critically acclaimed the movie, and it has all sorts of criticism. Before getting into where was  The Great Outdoors filmed, let’s discuss the film’s plot for better clarity. Continue reading to learn about the filming location of The Great Outdoors.

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Where Was The Great Outdoors Filmed?

As mentioned earlier, let’s talk through the plot of the movie. It is a simple story that tells the tale of two families spending time together on vacation in Pechoggin, a fictional town. The cast is seen vacationing in a fictional lake town for the summer. Moreover, they are enjoying the vacation before Kate, Connie’s sister, arrives at the cabin with her whole family unexpectedly. It is chaos as her arrival was uninvited. The entire movie is about the bonding of these two families. Kate is often shown being vocal about her feelings. She expresses how she sometimes feels lonely in the family- and that’s all there is to the movie—pure family drama. Hence, maybe, this is what makes this movie a comfortable watch for many viewers, as they can relate to it and its family drama.

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Now, back to talking about where was The Great Outdoors filmed- we’ve got the answers! The movie was shot in the location of  Bass Lake, California, which is a small resort town. Therefore, it lies near the popular landmark of Sierra National Forest. Moreover, the resort shown in the movie exists in reality and is a 1940s rustic resort that will be found in this location.

Reviews and Box Office

Even though the film was loved by many, The New York Times has stated how “the film did not have enough collective energy to light a campfire.” People have admitted that the movie is funny, but they have expressed how it’s just a one-time watch. The family drama was not liked by many people, as they revealed how the entire movie was a mess in a rustic resort. Speaking of numbers, the movie has grossed $6,121,115 in its opening week. In America, it grossed $41,455,230, while the worldwide tally stands at $43,455,230.