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Love And Leashes Ending Explained: Did Things Work Out Between The Contractual Couple?

Love And Leashes
Love And Leashes

Love and Leashes is a South Korean film that garnered massive attention for its unusual storyline and concept. Its recent release created a huge rave among the younger generation since South Korean films, and dramas never tend to disappoint their fans. Moreover, the ending of Love and Leashes became a very outspoken topic. People are looking forward to knowing more about the lead characters Ji-hoo and Ji-woo. It’s been a few years since their films started to gain massive recognition from the world. They’re getting pretty popular around everyone with their bold ideas and freshness towards the script.

And that’s the main reason behind their immense popularity and reach. Moreover, it seems like the creators of this film have given an exciting ending to Love and Leashes. Moreover, in this article, you’ll get to know all about the film’s conclusion. This movie is a Park Hyun-jin directorial. The original idea of this movie is adapted from the popular webtoon Moral Sense. This movie genuinely broke all stereotypes on different topics, especially about maintaining relationships between two individuals. Everyone is keen to dig deeper to find out whether the couple finally managed to find common ground for their likes and dislikes.

Plot Summary

Love and Leashes give us a glimpse of the lives of young aspiring individuals Jung Ji-woo and Jung Ji-hoo. Both of them are working for a prestigious company. And call it coincidence or fate, they have the same name as well. Moreover, at first, things are fine, but gradually, Ji-woo began to fall for her co-worker Ji-hoo. But she’s too embarrassed to confess. On the other hand, their names always created a huge misunderstanding.

Love And Leashes Ending Explained

Love and Leashes

Well, the whole story takes a different turn after Ji-woo accidentally picks up Ji-hoo’s parcel. Well, the main reason behind this confusion was their similar names. As soon as he realizes this, he rushes to get his parcel back. And guess what? The parcel had a dog leash inside it. At first, Ji-woo didn’t think much about it. Since he said that the collar was for his Poodle. Soon, Ji-woo figures out the truth.

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Upon learning that, Ji-hoo confesses his strange desire with leashes, as he likes to use them for intimacy. Even though the whole situation created huge confusion in her mind, she still respected him for his preferences. This was highly appreciated by Ji-hoo, and soon he keeps his interest in front of her and requests Ji-woo to become his master so that they can engage in a dominant and submissive relationship but with a contract of three months.

Cast & Characters

The main reason behind the movie’s popularity would be the cast and characters of this film. Well, to be more specific, the creators of this movie made sure that all the popular characters were taken in for the filming. Speaking of which, every other South Korean entertainment fan is well aware of all the actors that are present in the movie. When it comes to the role of Jung Ji-woo, this role is portrayed by Seohyun.

Love And Leashes Ending Explained

Love and Leashes

Apart from being an actress, she is well-known for her singing skills. And guess what? She began her career in the entertainment industry through her debut appearance in the South Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation. Moreover, Lee Jun-young portrayed the role of Jung Ji-hoo, another lead character from the film. When it comes to his career, he is also a rapper and singer. Other supporting roles include actors like Lee El as Hye Mi- a very popular actress who has been in the acting industry for a very long time.

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Love and Leashes Ending Explained

The ending of Love and Leashes has garnered massive attention from all the fans. And since then everyone wants to know more about the film. Well, towards the ending of this film, it was pretty clear that Ji-woo was very interested in Ji-hoo, and no matter what, she was equally curious about his interests. But even though they are in a contractual relationship, things tend to become even more complicated when she realizes that she is deeply in love with him.

Love And Leashes Ending Explained

Love and Leashes

Moreover, she even tries to confess her feelings to him, but Ji-hoo doesn’t agree with any of them. Because for him, this relationship was completely based on their agreement. On the other hand, Ji-woo wanted to be like normal couples, but it wasn’t the same for Ji-hoo. But before they could sort out anything, another worker from the company released their private life among all the other workers.

Before things became more problematic, Ji-hoo confessed his feelings for Ji-woo and assures everyone about their relationship. Speaking of him, Ji-hoo’s ex-girlfriend always ridiculed him for his preferences. And that’s the main reason behind him being scared of falling in love. But to be precise, he loves her deeply. Well, the ending of Love and Leashes is pretty convincing because both of them naturally end up together. The movie finally concludes on a good note. Ji-woo promises him that she never judged him by his interests.

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