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Meet The Members of Le Sserafim

These days, k-Pop groups are all the rage, but it’s an even bigger deal if the said K-Pop group is from HYBE Company, BTS’ agency. Following in the footsteps of BTS and Tomorrow x Together, an all-new girl group is launched by the steadily growing entertainment giant in the K-Pop scene. The group is titled Le Sserafim, a clever anagram play on the inspirational phrase, “I’m Fearless.”

Being the first HYBE girl group ever since BTS’ unprecedented success, fans have flocked to support the visually and artistically talented girls. However, the group is a product of both HYBE and Source Music, as the latter is listed as the official record label for the band. The group has five members following the controversy with Kim Garam, whose contract has been terminated with HYBE and Le Sserafim.

The current five members are incredibly talented, as seen with the release of five singles this very year. So, here is your chance to get into their music and know the members better with this introduction to the girls.

Kim Chaewon

le sserafim chaewon

The second oldest member of the group, Kim Chaewon, is the leader of Le Sserafim. HYBE, formerly known as Bighit, has followed the unconventional pattern of assigning the second or third oldest member as the leader in all its groups. As it happens, so is the case here.

Born in Seoul, Chaewon is the daughter of Lee Ranhee, a popular theater actress. She was the fourth to be revealed during the member’s introduction to the public. This is not the idol’s first foray into stardom, as she was previously part of the immensely popular girl group IZ*ONE, which disbanded last year.


le sserafim sakura

The first in the member reveal cycle, Miyawaki Sakura is of Japanese descent. The vocalist was born in Kagoshima city of Japan. She is a huge anime and manga fan and is often seen discussing her interests. She looks up to Red Velvet’s Irene and also is a fan of Kim Soohyun. Like Chaewon, Sakura was also a former IZ*ONE member.

Her MBTI is INTP, and as an introvert, she prefers socializing considerably less than the other members. She spends her free time cooking and claims it to be a great stress reliever.

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Huh Yunjin

le sserafim yunjin

Usually called Yunjin, this member was born on October 8, 2001. The soon-to-be 21-year-old is the tallest member of the group and also the last one to be revealed. Unlike Sakura and Chaewon, Yunjin was not a previous idol. She originally became a Pledis Entertainment trainee back in 2018.

Although born in Seoul, Yunjin’s upbringing was in New York. According to fans, this makes her an unofficial, honorary member of the ‘foreigner-line.’ Among her many skills, the artist can play the guitar and speak French. Surprisingly enough, she is also a trained opera singer.


le sserafim kazuha

The ‘maknae-line’ (roughly translating to ‘younger ones’) member is the second Japanese member of the group. She is currently 19 years old and was the fifth member to be revealed. Nakamura Kazuha takes up the position of rapper and dancer in Le Sserafim. Reportedly, she also had the shortest training period among all the five members and was only a trainee for about three months before debuting.

One of her many nicknames is “Le Sserafim’s Swan” due to her beauty and flexibility. The latter probably comes from the fact that she used to be a professional ballerina. Although Kazuha was a resident of Osaka for many years, she moved to Amsterdam for a year. She did this to pursue ballet training.


le sserafim eunchae

The official ‘maknae’ of the group, Hong Eunchae, is the youngest at a shocking age of 15 years. She was the third member to be revealed and caused quite an uproar among fans due to her being so young. While some deemed her age to be inappropriately early for being an idol, many have acknowledged the girl’s talents and skills. Incidentally, Eunchae decided to be an idol four years ago after watching boy group Seventeen’s performance. After training under Source Music for a year, she debuted with other Le Sserafim members in 2022.

That’s all we have today on HYBE’S Le Sserafim. For more K-Pop updates and entertainment news, check out the Artistree!

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