Who Is Noi From Aphmau In Real Life?

Noi Aphmau
Noi Aphmau

Real Face Behind Noi From Aphmau

The American Youtuber Jessica Bravura (Aphmau) started her career on YouTube 10 years back in 2012. She is known for her Minecraft content, roleplays, and animations. She decided to start her YouTube channel with a bunch of her friends, and now she is the best female Youtuber around the world.

A scene from Aphmau

My Inner Demons, one of Aphmau’s well-known roleplaying series, features endearing characters like Ava, Pierce, Ash, Rhys, Leif, and most importantly, Noi, the cutest one! He makes a sweet cameo in the game and does the funniest things. Have you ever wondered who the face behind Noi’s adorable voice is?

Noi From My Inner Demons – Aphmau

In the roleplaying game My Inner Demons for Minecraft, Noi is one of the main characters. He has adorable orange eyes and thorns. He is dressed in a blue suit and yellow pants. He is one of the demons in the series, along with Ash and Leif, and he has pink-colored hair.

Noi from Aphmau
Noi from My Inner Demons

Noi is cute, naive, and constantly afraid. But when it comes to the one and only girl, Ava, he is not scared. He loves her so deeply that he would do anything to protect her. He always blushes and drools over her when he sees her. He is also most likely the youngest.

Noi From Aphmau: Face Revealed

My Inner Demons characters by Aphmau have pleasant voices, and one of them people find most adorable is Noi. While Noi’s character is cute and immature, the voice behind it should be the same.

Noi from Aphmau in real life
Noi from Aphmau in real life – Face reveal

So, the real face behind Noi’s adorable voice is an American voice actor Michael A. Zekas. The voice actor performed at his best in My Inner Demons as Noi. In addition to his work on my inner demons, he has also performed in several well-known anime series and video games, including smite, ghost runner, Human Lost, and far-fetched.

He is currently 35 years old, and he also has two pets, Jojo and Misha, and his Instagram is fully loaded with their photos.

 Michael A. Zekas’s: Background And Career

Michael, the charming voice behind Noi from Aphmau and the ambitious voice actor, started his career 8 years back in New York. He worked for anime, video games, and educational content. From day one, he hasn’t stopped hustling and has been getting gigs for well-known characters in video games and especially in anime.

In the interview covered by the voice of the voices, he talked about how he loves his industry so much. He says the voice acting industry is the most rewarding industry and the industry where you will get to hustle, and we can all see his hustling and his work towards his ambitions from the commendable work that he has been doing.

Michael A zekas
Michael A Zekas – Noi in Real Life

In the same interview, he talked about his journey from the start of his previous shows and games and what he enjoyed the most. He also talked about the games that changed his life, such as Slam Fighter 2, a rhythmic smack-talking and fighting game. The first anime he worked on was the holy knight, and he says that it was a challenging experience for him as there was a lot of character development in his character.

 Michael A. Zekas And Noi 

Fans of Aphmau couldn’t believe that the man with the deep voice was responsible for Noi’s little, adorable voice in the My Inner Demons roleplay series since Michael’s voice as Noi is so high-pitched. His voice is what makes Noi more charming in the whole roleplay series.

Michel writes on Instagram how much he enjoyed doing the voice acting for Noi in Aphmau’s video game My Inner Demons. He shared a photo of the entire crew and wrote in the caption that everyone had the best time. He also referred to the entire crew as his family.

NNoi from My inner demons
Noi from My inner demons

Noi’s humorous personality and Michael’s appear to be compatible because both of them are funny and never miss an opportunity to make us laugh.

Since we were little, Noi has held a special place in our hearts, and Michael was the one who made it happen. We are hopeful that Noi, the lovely character from Aphmau’s My Inner Demons, will visit us once more to entertain us.



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