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Blonde 2022 Netflix Movie – Plot, Ending Explained & Review

Blonde 2022 Netflix movie
Blonde 2022 Netflix movie

The biographical film, based on the life of the most loved actress Marilyn Monroe has received mixed reviews from the public. This controversial movie, Blonde, is based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates.

Real Marilyn Monroe

Real Marilyn Monroe

The movie, which was directed by Andrew Dominik, highlights Marilyn’s professional career and personal life. This movie is regarded as very dark, and after it was released, a lot of questions were asked by the wider public. What does this movie concern? And why did this movie cause such a stir?

2022 Netflix movie “Blonde”: The Plot

A 7-year-old girl named Norma Jeane lives in Los Angeles with her erratic mother. When she turns 7, her mother gives her a picture of a man and tells her that, although only married in their minds, he is her father. Mother and Norma Jeane leave the house that night as a fire breaks out in the city.

Norma Jeane’s mother says she was invited to a private mansion at the top of Laurel Canyon, the fireproof residence where Norma’s father lives, when a police officer stops them in the middle of the road and inquires about their whereabouts. The police officer, however, commands her to return home.

When Norma starts asking questions about her father to her mother, she tries to beat Norma and drown her to death because Norma is the only child of the couple, and her father never wanted Norma to be the reason her father left her mother and child alone. Norma apparently tries to escape the house and seeks assistance in the nearby homes.

She is brought into the room safely by one of the neighbors. After a few days, while her mother is still in the mental hospital, Norma is taken to the orphanage by her neighbors. After a few years, when Norma grows up, her desire to become an actress takes her to the audition to film Studio president Mr. Z.

She changed her name to Marilyn Monroe and started appearing in the film industry. While auditioning, she gets raped by Mr. Z. Some days later. She auditions for another film. After not so good audition, she is still able to impress the casting crew and gets her part in the film. She meets her mentally unstable mother after ten years and cries in her lap. Norma talks about her victory to her mother, but her mother doesn’t recognize her.

Blonde 2022 Netflix movie

Blonde 2022 Netflix movie

At the beginning of her career, Norma, aka Marilyn, meets Cass and Eddy and begins a polyamorous relationship with them. Her agent requests that she refrain from going out with them in public after being seen with them. She later becomes pregnant with Cass’s child while spending priceless days with them.

They both feel joyful, but then she decides to abort the baby out of concern that the child would inherit her mother’s mental health concerns. She reportedly ends her relationship with Cass and Eddie. Later on, She goes to New York to become a better actor and also signs a movie.

After some days, she receives a letter that claims the letter is from her father, and apparently, she goes to the hotel room and finds a man that she thinks is her father, Joe, who asks her to marry her, and she impulsively says yes, and they get married. Joe gets outraged when Cass and Eddy give him some publicity-seeking naked images of Marilyn.

As a result, Marilyn gets struck by Joe and told not to sign up for the movie, but she does and becomes famous. As a result, Joe physically abuses her, and they separate. After a few days, she attends an audition for a different film and impresses the casting staff and Arthur. They both fall in love, get married, and Marilyn gets pregnant once more.

But due to a miscarriage, even this child of hers gets aborted. After all of these events, she becomes so psychologically unstable that she can no longer handle the fame and begins consuming drugs and alcohol.

Marilyn Monroe (Blonde 2022): ending explained

During the shootings, Marilyn loses her mind and starts yelling and acting unusual when she begins to experience mental instability. She starts growing apart from her spouse Arthur as well as from her own mental health. Her use of drugs and alcohol gets worse every day.

She becomes lost and refuses to do movie acting. During breaks in the filming, she starts yelling that she wants to go home. She constantly mourns the fact that her father never visited her because she keeps in mind the promises he made.

Marilyn Monroe

Blonde: Ending Explained (Credit: Netflix)

Her drug addiction and bad mental health push her to her deathbed at a time when she already grieves the loss of her baby. She becomes ill and starts throwing up. She recalls everything of her accomplishments, sorrows, and life as Marilyn Monroe, and when she lands in New York, she gets raped once more.

She grows sicker every day since she is aware that her time is running out. Running away from her grief, her past, and her life, she receives letters from her father claiming he will come to see her soon, and soon after, she gets to know that her ex-boyfriend Cass is dead. She overdoses on drugs because she can’t handle all that is happening to her, and it appears that the next day she dies in her own bed.

Blonde 2022: Critical Reviews

The 2022 Netflix film Blonde is based on the life of Norma Jeane, also known as Marilyn Monroe. It honors her as an actor and showcases her life story to the public. However, other individuals claim that the movie demeaned her because it exclusively featured the negative aspects of her life.

The critics also claim that many of the events are simply rumors and could have been depicted in a much more effective manner. Despite the conflicting reviews, many people praised the film for exposing the life of an actress in the entertainment world, particularly Hollywood. Norma Jeane’s life was incredibly tragic, but her fans will always remember her.

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