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One Piece Chapter 1063: Release Date Recap And Reading Guide

One piece Chapter 1063: Release date, Recap, Reading Guide

One Piece, a manga by Eiichiro Oda, is considered a classic. The Japanese anime television series One Piece, created by Toei Animation, had its world premiere in October 1999 on Fuji TV. It has shown more than 1000 episodes since then, distributed in 20 seasons, making it one of the longest-running anime to date. It is based on the manga series of the same name, the exploits of Monkey D. Luffy and his companions as they quest for “One Piece,” the world’s greatest treasure, to succeed as the Pirate King.

Recent chapters of the story have brought about some major changes, some of which have shaken the very foundations of the narrative thus far and given rise to some brand-new epic scenes that we cannot wait to see in the anime. But there was more surprising news to come. One Piece 1062 disclosed that CP0, the most powerful covert organization under the direct control of the World Government, is heading onto Egghead Island with the insane goal of eliminating Vegapunk.

What Do We Know Till Now: A Recap Of Chapter 1062

One Piece Chapter 1063: Release Date Recap And Reading Guide


When the Straw Hats on the Thousand Sunny inquire as to whether that girl is Dr. Vegapunk, Franky and Sanji admire the woman, and Ussop is gushing over the giant robot that she brought along. However, as Robin has never heard of Dr. Vegapunk being a woman, she raises her concerns about whether the lady is the doctor. She argues that she is also too young to be Dr. Vegapunk. The woman reveals that she is Punk-02 “Lilith,” not the “Stella,” which is Dr. Vegapunk’s main body, thereby confirming Robin’s suspicions.

The Straw Hat Pirates are told by Lilith that due to her research budget’s limitations, she will release everyone in exchange for their possessions. Lilith asserts once more that she wasn’t attempting to save them in response to Nami’s refutation of this idea and demands that she keep trying to do so. In reality, she views them all as trespassers, and she summons an army of Sea Beast weapons to encircle everyone and destroy any ships that approach. Just as Lilith receives a call, everyone starts to freak out, except for Franky, Zoro, Robin, and Sanji.

Shaka, who is called Lilith, warns her that she is dealing with the Straw Hat Pirates, a group that was just announced to be an Emperor’s crew. Lilith underestimates the team, butShaka cautions her, especially since Zoro and Robin are acting so composed because they can handle the Sea Beast weapon even if they are surrounded. While Zoro tells Dr. Vegapunk that they have certain expectations for him, Lilith realizes that she is at a disadvantage.

Shaka requests that the crew be brought to him and offers to accommodate them. Bonney tells Luffy that she had been to Egghead Island previously, back when she was a young girl. As the group ascends to the island’s surface, Bonney informs them that Dr. Vegapunk transformed her father, whom they were unaware was Bartholomew Kuma, into a cyborg. Bonney goes on to say that her father has lost all sense of self as a result, and she wants to avenge her father, even murdering Dr. Vegapunk if his answers don’t provide justifications.

They find a theme park with holographic rides, and after finding a machine that provides real food, they can finally eat. However, they are then met by another “Vegapunk” Atlas.


One piece Chapter 1063: Release date, Recap, Reading Guide

The three strongest CP0 agents thus far seem to be Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy.

CP0 agents, along with a Seraphim who resembles Bartholomew Kuma, are heading to Egghead Island with Rob Lucci, Stussy, and Kaku. While there is only one Dr. Vegapunk, Kaku assures Lucci that due to his persistent busy schedule, he does not have enough time to do everything. In order to give himself additional hands, even though they are all him, he divided himself into six “satellite” bodies. Lucci inquires as to whether the Lulusia Kingdom incident is the reason the World Government wants to get rid of the world’s smartest man, but Stussy and Kaku reprimand him for asking questions.

When Will One Piece Chapter 1063 Be Released?

The release of Chapter 1063 of One Piece is scheduled for Monday, October 17, 2022, at 1:00 AM Japanese Standard Time. However, there could be a one-day delay. A new chapter of One Piece is published every Sunday in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Leap magazine. Due to the many global time zones, the publication date and timing of this manga will differ from one country to another. We have listed a few of them below:

Pacific Time (PST)   0900 hours on October 16, 2022
Indian Standard Time (IST)   2130 hours on October 16, 2022
Eastern Standard Time (EST)   1200 hours on October 16, 2022
Central Time (CST)    1100 hours on October 16, 2022
European Time (CEST)   1700 hours on October 16, 2022
Philippines Time (PST)   0000 hours on October 16, 2022
British Summer Time (BST)   1500 hours on October 16, 2022


Where to read One Piece Chapter 1063?

The only site where you can read new chapters of One Piece in English on regular basis is Viz Media’s official website. One Piece’s official American publisher is Viz Media. Hence it routinely offers the series but releases its chapters after the Japanese originals. You can opt for a Viz Media subscription as new chapters are updated there regularly. 

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