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I Can See Your Voice (UK) Season 2 Episode 1 : Release Date, Overview & Watching Guide

I can see your voice poster
I can see your voice - Season 2 (credit : BBC One)

The most-loved music game in South Korea, then in The US, and now in the UK, I Can See Your Voice will test your observation and investigation skills. The guess that the investigator makes will be crucial as it will determine who is going to win the prize money.

The show has returned for Season 2 following the successful conclusion of Season 1 in the UK. With the investigation and observation, the most anticipated reality show in the UK will now keep viewers engaged.

I Can See Your Voice (UK): All you need to know

The unique music game show that has gained popularity over the years was firstly aired in South Korea. The show’s most unusual premise captured the hearts of viewers all over the world, and the United States and the United Kingdom couldn’t help but release I Can See Your Voice in their respective countries.

There would be six contestants who participate in the show and would be considered good singers. Among these, some singers would be bad singers, and they would just lie about their passion for singing. The guest artist needs to identify the bad singers. The clues would be presented, and there would be a celebrity panel, famous singers from around the world would help the guest artist to identify the bad singer throughout the investigation.

I can see your voice UK

I Can See Your Voice – United Kingdom ( Credit: BBC One)

This whole game consists of five rounds, starting with the visual round. In the first round, six mystery singers would be presented to the audience, the guest artist, and the celebrity panel. All of them would be identified by their occupation. They would not sing, and they would not say even a word, but the guest artist’s observation investigation skills would be tested here.

Moving on to the next round, the lip sync round. Contestants would lip sync a song that is already sung by them, but the two bad singers would lip sync a song that is sung by another good singer. The guest must keep his/her mind focused on identifying the bad singer. Every round is an elimination round, and guests would eliminate one singer.

If the singer is bad, the guest will win a cash prize, and if not, then, obviously, the money would be gone. The third round is the Unlock my life round, where the guest and panel would be shown the video evidence of one of the mystery singers, and the guest must make a guess and eliminate an awful singer. If the singer turns out to be good, then again, the guest would lose the prize.

I can see your voice lipsync round

I can see your voice lipsync round (Credit: BBC One)

The next round is the secret studio round, where contestants would go and record their voices. One of the mystery singers’ recordings would be shown, and the voice of the contestant would be manipulated. Again, the guess should be made after observing the contestant properly.

The last round is the interrogation round. The guest artist can interrogate one of the remaining contestants in 30 seconds and get to know the real voice of the singer. The remaining singer must be the good singer to win the prize. If he/she turns out to be a bad singer, then the bad singer will get the prize.

I Can See Your Voice (UK) Season 2 Episode 1: Watching Guide

I can see your voice. Presently, the most popular television reality in the UK was able to win over viewers as early as season 1. I can see your voice’s second season will be released in the UK as a result of the unending fandom for the show.

The 1st episode of I can see your voice season 2 will be released on 15th October 2022, Saturday, on BBC One at 9.05 PM

I can see your voice season 2 episode 1 trailer

I can see your voice season 2 episode 1 trailer (Credit: BBC One)

Here is the guide that you must follow to not miss the show:

  • British Summer Time: 15th October 2022, Saturday, 9.05 PM
  • Eastern Time Zone: 15th October 2022, Saturday, 4.05 PM
  • Pacific Time Zone: 15th October 2022, Saturday, 1.05 PM
  • Central Time zone: 15th October 2022, Saturday, 3.05 PM
  • Indian Standard Time: 16th October 2022, Sunday 1.35 AM

Follow this watching guide if you have access to BBC One television network in your region.

You can stream all the episodes of I can see your voice on BBC One and Hulu TV websites.

So, now that you have the whole watching guide with you Watch, I can see your voice and enjoy testing your investigation skills.




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