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Is The Film American Psycho Based On A True Story?

Is The Film American Psycho Based On A True Story?

The most popular movie of the 2000s, American Psycho, which presented the thriller and horror genres, is still a favorite among viewers. Never miss seeing the movie American Psycho if you ever want to feel both terrified and exhilarated at the same time.

American Psycho

American Psycho – 2000 Horror – Thriller movie

Though the movie also became controversial back then, the movie will be one of the greatest creations of the USA. After watching this movie, viewers started wondering whether the film was based on a real story on not.

American Psycho: Plot

A wealthy young man named Patrick Bateman works as an investment banker in Manhattan. He has a luxurious lifestyle and a lovely girlfriend. He need not worry because he can handle every issue with the money he has. He goes to work, flaunts his wealth, frequents nightclubs, snorts cocaine, and chats with his co-workers on a variety of things throughout the day.

He has a sibling, a senile mother, and a girlfriend named Evelyn, with whom he is already engaged. Patrick takes such great pleasure in his fortune that he becomes envious of anyone who tries to flaunt their wealth in front of him.

Even if the handsome Patrick seems like an ambitious professional, the perfect son, boyfriend, and friend, his daily routine follows killing people at night. Yes, Patrick Bateman, a rich, young, healthy, and wealthy man, is a serial killer at night.

Paul Owens, one of his colleagues that he kills at night, has an apartment in Manhattan which becomes Patrick’s base to commit murder and other atrocities. He frequently starts murdering people at night. One day, he calls two prostitutes to the apartment, rapes them, and kills them. He gets so obsessive about killing people at night that he loses control over his sanity.

American Psycho

American Psycho

Day by day, his misdeeds start getting worse. As he loses control over his mind, his unstable mind makes him so obsessive that he starts performing heinous crimes like mutilation, cannibalism, necrophilism, and rape. His criminal behavior then starts appearing in the normal life that he lives every day.

He starts telling stories about his murders to his co-workers, starts mentioning serial killers, and always wants to discuss murder and killing. Even though he confesses his crimes in front of his co-workers, no one takes him seriously. When he starts killing random homeless people on the street, the police arrive and run away and hide in his office.

When he gets to know that he should now turn himself in, he calls his attorney and explains the crimes that he committed. But the lawyer does not believe him, considering it is just a prank call. He visits Paul’s apartment again, and he finds that the bodies of the people he killed are disappeared. The apartment again looks normal, as if no crime has been committed there.

His mental health starts getting worst day by day, and he totally loses control over his mind. He starts hallucinating and starts getting guilty about his crimes. He again visits the lawyer and confesses about his crime. He tells him that he killed Paul, but the lawyer does not believe him saying the lawyer and Paul two had dinner two times in London.

The whole film is from the point of view of Patrick Bateman. As no one take him seriously, and when the lawyer says that he had dinner with Paul in London, the whole scenario puts viewers into the question that if Patrick is really a killer or if it is all in his head and nothing like serial killing and other crimes happened.

American Psycho: Real Story or Not?

The American horror-thriller film American Psycho depicts the story of a person Named Patrick Bateman. The whole of the film is followed by the series of crimes that he commits at night, which include rape, murder, cannibalism, and others. This Horror-thriller movie is based on a novel by Bret Easton Ellis.

When the movie was released in 2000, a lot of conflicting reviews came, and the novel and the film gained so much popularity afterward. Viewers started connecting the film with the real-life crimes that happened in the USA to find out if the movie was based on a real story or not.

Pattrick Betman - American Psycho 2000

Patrick Bateman – American Psycho 2000

The whole story is only the imagination and invention of the author and American Film. American Psycho is not based on a true story. However, there are some real-life events that happened back then, and we can connect those with the movie.

For example, in the duke Lacrosse case, a team member emailed some of his team members claiming he was going to kill some strippers. People think that the film might be based on this case, but there are no pieces of evidence. Even though American Psycho is not based on a real story, the film keeps people hooked till the end.

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